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White And Black Elegant Wedding

white and black elegant wedding @weddingchicks

Having visited Santa Barbara often, Katie and Brian decided on Villa Sevillano in Carpinteria just outside Santa Barbara to celebrate their wedding. The elegant estate lent itself perfectly to Katie’s design aesthetic. The formal garden ceremony and reception were interspersed with touches of rustic elegance hinting back to their Montana engagement.
The event design by TOAST Santa Barbara in this white and black elegant wedding leaves us swooning. Lush floral arrangements in whites and greens complimented the surrounding roses, olive and cypress trees perfectly. See more in the full gallery here, photographed by Priscila Valentina.

pink studded wedding shoes @weddingchicks

black bridesmaid dresses @weddingchicks

white wedding bouquet @weddingchicks

Romantic Lighting

The ceremony itself took place on the lower lawn of the Villa. Dramatic chiffon curtains were pulled back to reveal Katie and her father walking down the path from the house. During cocktail hour in the rose gardens, the curtains were pulled and the lawn was transformed into the dinner reception. The curtains were once again pulled back to invite guests to dinner, unveiling a glowing reception with twinkle lights tucked into the chiffon and even more lights suspended from the olive trees.

classic black tux groomsmen @weddingchicks

beautiful bridal photography @weddingchicks

Found Vintage Rentals

For over 15 years, Jeni Maus has discovered and collected pieces to give her own home a distinctive character and warmth. In February of 2010, she began offering her unique style to others in her curated collection of furniture and accessories at Found Vintage Rentals. The Found Collection is an ever-evolving, constantly growing combination of both well-loved vintage pieces and re-imagined designs. All one-of-a-kind. All picked by hand for their history and charm. Every piece has a story.

floral wedding ceremony decor @weddingchicks

wedding welcome sign @weddingchicks

beautiful outdoor garden ceremony @weddingchicks

Afterglow Party

One thing I would recommend to brides is to host an event that includes all wedding guests prior to your big day. We hosted an "After Glow" party after the rehearsal dinner. It gave me and my husband the opportunity to spend quality time with out of town guests, friends and family before the wedding. On our wedding day, we got to devote our time to having fun, enjoying each other and taking in each moment without the stress/anxiety of going around and greeting each person.

message in a bottle guestbook @weddingchicks

little lantern escort cards @weddingchicks

La Tavola

La Tavola is a fine linen rental company based in Napa, California providing beautiful linens for events nationwide. With an eye for design and a penchant for high quality, we’re proud of our anthology of first-rate products, but — even more — we cherish the unique connections and significant relationships we form with our clients. We venture to cultivate a marvelous experience not only in terms of event decor, but also throughout the entire client-La Tavola interaction process.

neutral wedding reception idea @weddingchicks

gold and ivory wedding reception @weddingchicks

tall floral centerpieces @weddingchicks

Don't Be Afraid To Speak Up

One thing I would do differently: I wish I would have spoken up more when I was getting ready. I wanted the day to be special for everyone, especially my bridesmaids so the last thing I wanted to come off as was a bridezilla. I let everyone get their hair and make-up done before me and as a result, my curls had almost completely flattened out by the time I was walked down the isle. Good news, no one will remember what my hair looked like (even me) in 10 years haha. See their wedding video below, filmed by Falangas.

ivory wedding cake with cascade flowers @weddingchicks


Read on to see how much this white and black elegant wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Budget: $250,000
Dress: $15,000 (my dress designer was Zahavit Tshuba. I had two looks. I had a top and skirt for the actual ceremony. For the reception and after party, I switched into a different skirt that was more maneuverable.)
Venue: $50,000 Villa Sevillano. We had it for 5 days.
Wedding planner: $20,000
Catering: ~$30,000
Flowers: ~$15,000
Photographer: $6,400
Videographer: $3,700

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