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Whipped Bakeshop + a DIY cupcake favor for your guests




Whipped Bakeshop had so many awesome images of their goodies, I seriously could not choose which to put up. They are located in Philadelphia and basically can whip up (no pun inteneded) anything your heart desires.
We are going to provide you with the tools to make the above cupcake favor from Whipped Bakeshop, but more than likely, unless you are a skilled baker yours is not going to turn out as pretty as theirs. So, ultimatley we would suggest hiring a baker for a large event unless you are a die hard DIY bride and prepared for some serious baking. These would be perfect for a bridal shower or as sweet gestures at a bridesmaid party.
Product List

1. Cupcake wrappers and & Clear Cupcake Box from www.paperorchidstationery.com- They have a variety of cupcake holders and colors so you can get super creative.

2. The ribbon and labels are both from paper-source. The labels are great and come with a word document download so you can personalize them or if you are down right crafty you can hand write all of them.

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