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What’s IN For Summer 2024 Weddings

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Summer 2024 weddings are shaping up to be a colorful and creative affair, with a delightful mix of bold aesthetics and modern chic vibes. Couples are embracing maximalism, packing their celebrations with vibrant colors, diverse textures, and stunning floral arrangements. Entertainment is a big focus, with unique performances and interactive elements adding layers of fun. Citrus themes, organic floral installations, and lush greenery are all the rage, capturing the natural vibrancy of the season. Personalized touches like monograms and custom elements make each wedding feel uniquely intimate. Plus, fresh takes on dining experiences and contemporary menswear are shaking up tradition. It's all about creating unforgettable, joyful moments that truly capture the spirit of summer love.

We caught up with the wedding industry's top vendors and businesses to get the scoop on what's really IN for summer 2024 weddings.


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“Pack it all in! There’s something wildly comforting about all the saturated colors, various textures, and impactful flowers in one room! It’s fun to watch as personalities are revealed through the inhibition of it all - for clients and guests alike.” - Morgan + Frankie, Co-founders, Cluster Events

Prioritizing Entertainment

“I am loving that so many clients are really putting entertainment at the top of the list and incorporating multiple elements like live band + DJ, but then incorporating things like pop up performances and interactive elements that add such an interesting + fun layer to the day. For example, this year we have seen fire dancers in a welcome party as well as a “champagne man” who walks around balancing bottles on his head. We have seen human sculptures in a cocktail hour that took place in a garden. And we have had celebrity impersonator performances surprise guests as the dance floor opens. Things that wedding guests aren’t expecting is something we love and are seeing more of.” - Michelle Durpetti, Founder, Durpetti Events

Citrus Themes

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"As we dive into the summer wedding season, we are seeing couples embracing the natural vibrancy of the season for their wedding florals. Citrus color palettes, featuring sunny hues like yellow ranunculus and pink rose reflect the brightness, warmth, and joy of summer. We’re seeing couples on the east coast, New York, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia gravitating toward citrus palettes for their big day.” - Cameron Hardesty, CEO and Founder of Poppy

High Editorial Yet Intimately Candid Captures

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“Photography isn’t less important - but the posing is! Clients are prioritizing special, candid moments instead of perfectly posed frames.” - Morgan + Frankie, Co-founders, Cluster Events
Print on print on print. “From stationery to linens, accent cushions to tableware, print on print is a strong bold look but it’s impact at its finest.” - Kristina Kempton, Owner, Kristina Kempton Events

Shimmer And Texture


“Shimmery and beaded fabrics that catch the light are popular for adding a magical touch to the bridal look. Whether it's a subtle shimmer or intricate hand-beading, these dresses are designed to sparkle and shine throughout the wedding day. Our Quinn dress has beading and lace for subtle shimmer and an all over beaded underlayer for additional shimmer and texture.” - Tina Wong, Founder, Lead Designer & Creative Director, Grace + Ivory

Personal Deliveries To Guests In Lieu Of A Farewell Brunch

“Many of my clients are skipping the traditional post-wedding brunch this summer. Instead, they are opting for special deliveries, like specialty coffee and local pastries delivered to the guest hotel rooms, farewell gifting with travel friendly snacks and amenities, or day-after activities that take advantage of summer weather, such as a pool party or a boat excursion.” - Callista Osborn, Founder, Callista & Company

Organic Floral Installations vs. Tight Arrangements

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“Wildly creative and highly imaginative arrangements are popping into focus this summer! Consider these words when describing your bar arrangement to your florist: cascading, draping, organic, edible!” - Morgan + Frankie, Co-founders, Cluster Events

Greenery Everywhere

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“The other trend we love for summer is focusing on greenery. Greenery isn't just a backdrop anymore – silvery eucalyptus, deep emerald ruscus, and the lime hues of fern and pennycress add texture and color to wedding florals. Couples in Seattle, San Francisco, and across the West are embracing earth tones and greenery. Whether couples choose citrus with yellow ranunculus and hot pink roses, or mix in greenery like glossy ruscus, summer is the time for lush, vibrant moments as couples celebrate new beginnings." - Cameron Hardesty, CEO and Founder of Poppy

Contemporary Chic Vibes

“Imagine bold blooms with custom backdrops, draping and transforming spaces to be unrecognizable, sharp single flower designs - layers of detail but in the style of modern minimalist meets contemporary chic.” - Kristina Kempton, Owner, Kristina Kempton Events

Modern Menswear

"Gone is the requirement to stick to a classic black tux - it's all about bold colors, modern fits, and personal touches these days. Expect to see grooms and groomsmen rocking bright shades like Hunter Green or Burgundy suits, sleek accents, and custom details like bright patterned socks or floral ties. This summer, menswear is breaking free from tradition with vibrant colors and patterns on display." - Jason Jackson, President & COO, Generation Tux

Adding A Monogram Or Crest

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“Personalization is in! We love seeing brides personalize their bouquets by adding a ribbon with an embroidered monogram or design for a custom element.” Colleen, The Handkerchief Shop

Heavy Focus On The Dining Experience And Social Gathering Of A Dinner Party

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“We are seeing clients focusing more on the social dinner rather than the dance party!” - Morgan + Frankie, Co-founders, Cluster Events

Thinking Outside Of The Box On All Designs And Schemes

“Think leather pressed invitations, surprise boxes, tiles sourced from the country you’ll marry in as save the dates and giving guests that incredible guest experience from that first moment of the wedding journey.” - Kristina Kempton, Owner, Kristina Kempton Events

90s Nostalgia

019-feathered-arrow-studio-natalie-joy-mitchell-photography PHOTO:

“Weddings this summer are all about evoking 90's nostalgia - flash photography and/or disposable cameras, hanging neon lights, and all white cakes with frosting ribbons and cherries (instead of the floral designs that once dominated). Fashion wise, brides are opting for minimalist dresses with one wow-factor like a big bow or long train. Additionally, baby's breath is having a resurgence as the showstopper in floral arrangements.” - Kari Smith, CEO & Lead Planner, Feathered Arrow Studio

Sun Protection, But Make It Chic

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“Chic sun protection is IN for Summer 2024! Parasols, cute sunglasses, hand fans and handheld misting fans. Keep your guests cool and they will thank you! Shave ice is IN for Summer 2024! On a hot day, offering a shave ice cart to cool off your guests is not only refreshing, but super cute! Position it next to your bar for shave ice cocktails!” - Stephanie & Jamie, Cape Cod Celebrations

Minimalist Dress + Maximalist Accessories


“The juxtaposition of minimalist dress designs with maximalist accessories is a fun trend for those wanting to blend simplicity with a touch of luxury. This style caters to the modern bride who appreciates the sleek, clean lines of minimalist gowns but also desires to make a bold statement through her choice of accessories. Our Vita dress that is made of a sleek silk satin fabric and clean lines, paired with our blusher ruffle veil for some luxe drama, is a perfect fit for this trend!” Tina Wong, Founder, Lead Designer & Creative Director, Grace + Ivory

Florals Everywhere!

“Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking... Florals for Summer? Still here! One trend that popped up last year and is here to stay through the summer is floral dresses. From bridesmaids to guests, the garden floral patterns are everywhere and are giving weddings more color and texture in the attire.” - Melanie Levin, Owner, LuckEleven Events


“2024 is the year of the BOW and I'm loving seeing even the most minute details tied with a sweet little ribbon. They\'re just adorable.” - Ashley Lachney, Owner, Alston Mayger Events

Structured And Snatched Attire


“Corset top wedding dresses are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Characterized by their structured bodices paired with either a zip or lace-up backs, these dresses provide a flattering fit that highlights the bride\'s silhouette. The corset itself, often embellished with intricate lace, beading, or embroidery, adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the dress. To achieve this look, we love our Zoe dress with its two-toned corset top, gorgeous lace, and topped with clear sequin detail for a little shimmer.” - Tina Wong, Founder, Lead Designer & Creative Director, Grace + Ivory

Full Wedding Weekends

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“I'm seeing so many clients this year opt for multiple experiences for their guests, especially those that are opting to make their weddings a destination affair. No detail is being spared!” - Ashley Lachney, Owner, Alston Mayger Events

Lean Into Summer Food And Beverage Offerings

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“Beat the heat with refreshing frozen treats like popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and shaved ice stations. Offer a variety of flavors and toppings to keep guests cool and satisfied during the summer festivities. Elevate the culinary experience with interactive food and drink stations that allow guests to customize their meals and beverages. From build-your-own taco bars to craft cocktail stations, these interactive elements add a fun and personalized touch to summer weddings.” - Krisy Thomas, Owner, Southern Sparkle Wedding & Event Planning + Vice President, CWP Society

Intentional Personalization

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“Personalization is very in but less in your face than what we've seen in recent years with huge monogrammed dance floors and bars. Think custom specialty drink wafer toppers, incorporating pets into ceremonies, photos and specialty drinks, subtle nods to plays on the couple's new last name and favorite fast foods as appetizers and late night snacks.” - Valarie Kirkbride, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design

Less Focus On Traditional Wedding Events

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“Many traditional events are going by the wayside, cutting way back on formal photos, wedding parties, and guest books. A big focus is on overall ambiance with stunning lighting and an overabundance of candles. It's an exciting season and can't wait to watch it all beautifully unfold. The planning process is easier than ever in summer 2024 with wedding industry-specific platforms made to simplify. Rock Paper Coin, Timeline Genius, Be Merri, etc. allow for automation, easy payments and the ability to visualize what all of their plans will look like pulled together.” - Nora Sheils, Founder, Bridal Bliss + Co-Founder, Rock Paper Coin

Vibrant Moments

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“Summer 2024 weddings are all about COLOR in individuality! This season's trends are full of vibrancy with bold hues and eye-catching florals that make a big "look at me" statement. From big over the tops ceremony setups to edgy floral arrangements bursting with color (and fruit!), this trend is one we are loving and can't get enough of!” - Misty Damico, CEO, Luxe Event Productions

Natural beauty.

021-j-guerra-weddings-star-crossed-weddings-photography PHOTO:

“This season, brides are embracing a radiant, natural glow that lets the beauty of their skin shine through. We’re moving away from full coverage makeup looks and embracing soft, dewy skin. My focus is creating a complexion that looks hydrated and healthy, which is perfect for those warm, outdoor weddings. Heavy blushes and contours are stepping back to make room for soft, dewy skin tints that truly embody the essence of summer. Eye makeup is getting a playful update with soft washes of refined colors. We’re seeing a lot of monochromatic looks—peaches, pastel pinks, and even some surprising light blues in washes of soft, creamy, shimmer textures. It’s about creating a look that feels both fun and sophisticated. Also, the technique is very blend-focused to keep everything seamless and elegant.

Color palettes are very reminiscent of soft florals in a garden. Lips are keeping it simple and sweet this season, and taking on a softer, stain-like look. This season is about hydration and ease, with long-wear tinted balms, lip oils, and stains in bright yet soft hues of corals and pinks. These are great because they’re low-maintenance and they stay put from the ceremony to the last dance. It’s a wash of color without the fuss. Touchups are super quick and easy! Highlighting is key to achieving a sun-kissed bridal glow. A bit of strategic highlight on the high points of the face not only enhances that sun-kissed glow but also elevates the whole look. It can really make a bride look ethereal under the summer sun. Highlight textures this season are creamier and balmier, instead of shimmery or metallic. Plus, using products that are formulated to be long-wearing and using good primers and setting sprays will help everything stay perfectly beautiful through the heat and all the celebration.” - J Guerra, J Guerra Weddings


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“Eco-friendly weddings are gaining momentum. Couples are looking for ways to reduce waste and make more sustainable choices, from reusable decor to plant-able invitations and locally sourced flowers!” - Anastasia Shevchenko, Sheff Production Photography & Videography

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