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We’re Blushing Over How Gorgeous This Dreamy Pink Wedding Is

blushing bridesmaids

We're blushing over how gorgeous this dreamy pink wedding is, and we can't wait for all of you to see how stunning Lauren and Cameron's big day was! Romance is the name of the game and you can clearly see the love between these two happy newlyweds.

Keep an eye out for all of their wedding signs, especially if you love chalkboards with fabulous handwriting. Oh and be sure to stop in to Lauren and Cameron's full gallery here too! Their photos are absolutely stunning! Great job Molly Lichten Photography

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carefree wedding waves half up hair and all white bouquet

bridesmaids in soft pinkblush and white wedding bouqueta bride and all her besties

wedding party in pink and navy

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Wedding Moments Made Magical

From the Bride: I have always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding for the beautiful scenery. When I visited Elings Park, I fell in love with the romantic trees, the large deck that overlooked the city and ocean, and the twinkling lights that draped over the reception area. It was magical and it just felt right being there. I envisioned our wedding to be rustic and romantic. I chose soft pink with tons of greenery to drape over the tables. We are very simple people and I wanted our theme to match our personalities so that our guests would feel just as relaxed as us.

My favorite moment was seeing Cameron’s face as I was walking down the aisle. I have always dreamed and imagined of how he would look at me, and when he looked at me that day it was breathtaking. In that moment, I completely forgot I was getting married because it was just me and him and all my nerves disappeared.

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outdoor wedding ceremonyflower accented wedding archwe love because he first loved us wedding ceremony sign

hers his and ours sand wedding ceremony

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How To Spend Your Wedding Money

Some advice I would give to future brides is enjoy planning your wedding and don't let everyone's opinions or suggestions get in the way of creating your dream day. Being a bride isn't easy because you want to please everyone, but always remember it's you and your finance's day! 

Also, I wish I would have spent the extra money and hired a videographer. Try and work a videographer into your budget so you can enjoy your day over and over again through film.

Budgeting for everything can be stressful and you may have to cut a few things you truly wish you could keep. Want to see what this couple did spend their budget on? Click here to find their budget breakdown!

I spent 25,000 dollars on my wedding, which I thought was reasonable because the necessary vendors are pricey and add up quick!

My budget:
Photographer- 3,500,
Flowers- 2,000
Wedding Dress- 3500
Catering & all Rentals- 8,000-10,000
Bridesmaid dresses - 200
DJ- 2,000
Center pieces - under 500
Wedding favors - 200
Wedding signs - 200
Misc decor - 300
My makeup and hair - 500

pink and white rustic chic centerpiece and table number

outdoor wedding receptionneutral reception decor

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mr and mrs bunting decorated sweetheart table

Footloose & Fancy Free

My dad and I surprised our guests and family with our father-daughter dance. When I was a kid, we loved to watch footloose together and dance around the house to every song. To make our dance special, we choreographed a dance to footloose after we slow danced to My Wish. It was so much fun seeing him dance and mess around like I was a kid again. 

I promised myself the week of my wedding that if anything went wrong I wouldn't let it ruin our day and would just go with the flow. I wasn't aware that we forgot to order a dance floor so we didn't have one at our reception; however, our venue was outdoors and everyone danced on the wooden deck the whole night. I actually liked it better because it created a larger area for our guests to dance on. The dance floor would have made it smaller and this way our guests weren't crowded on a small dance floor but had the whole deck instead.

simple and sweet mini wedding cake

rustic chic wedding dessert tablefirst wedding dancecake cuttingpink and white frosted wedding cupcakes

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