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Wanna See What Happens When A Wedding Chicks Super Fan Gets Married?

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To start, we want to say we love all of you out there who follow us and keep making this wedding inspo beast possible! Whether you are here looking for ideas for your upcoming big day, or are getting your daily fix of wedding magic like this next lovely bride, we sincerely appreciate you all! 

Speaking of this next bride and her now hubby, do you wanna see what happens when a Wedding Chicks super fan gets married? We thought you might. This couple is beyond adorable: not only does their love story seem like something straight out of a RomCom, but the sweet way these two love and care for each other truly shows throughout their fairytale wedding day! Oh and we also have a budget breakdown for you to peruse too. So sit back and enjoy and don't forget to check out the full gallery when you are done. There is a ton left to see thanks to photographer Jordan Galindo.

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Life Is Better Than the Movies

From the Bride: So much has changed in the 8 years of knowing each other. We've grown up together. We've gone from crazy nights in Hollywood clubs to cooking dinner in our Beverly Hills apartment quietly on a Friday night with our puppy Gili. I am one of "those" girls. The girl that had the Pinterest "wedding" board wayyyyyy before she was engaged. The girl that stalked Wedding Chicks blog for ideas and inspiration. The girl who has dreamt of her wedding her entire life. The detail oriented girl. I wanted everybody there to feel like they got to know us even better. 

These two love birds have one of the cutest and most "movie magic" kind of love stories we just had to share it with you all! Want to hear more? of course you do... just click here to and prepare to "Awww!"

Details of my wedding... where should I even start? I married my best friend. I know, I know- so cliche. But, I really did. We started out as next door neighbors. We were friends for two years. I lived with 4 single girls & he lived with 3 single guys. We all went out together and 1 night when my roommate dared us to kiss in the backseat of a taxi. "You two are IN LOVE" she constantly told us. Just kiss ONCE, and if it doesn't prove it to you I'll never mention it again. Everything changed after that night. He text me the next morning and said "my best friend is a good kisser." That was 6 years ago. September 3rd of this year my roommate who dared us to kiss officiated our wedding and was my maid of honor. 

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I am so glad we didn't see each other until I walked down the aisle. My fiance cried soooo hard! The man could barely breathe!! My brain wanted to do a first look- you can get all of the photos out of the way and actually enjoy your cocktail hour! BUT, my heart won this battle. NOTHING and no amount of photos could ever compare to the experience of him seeing me for the first time as I walked down that aisle. My heart drops just thinking about it. It was truly amazing.

The weather was 75 and sunny when I walked down the aisle in the middle of a Malibu vineyard. My father and husband to be were BAWLING their eyes out as I wore my dream dress and prayed I wouldn't fall walking in a pair of crystal adorned Christian Louboutin heels which I had no business owning but my fiancé told me "you deserve them". I married a man who looks at me after 8 years of knowing me like I am the most special person in the world. I know it is simply too cheesy to even type but he so perfectly compliments me and makes me feel so incredibly lucky. I had a dream wedding and have a dream relationship that every girl deserves to have one day. What else can a girl really ask for?

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A Rehearsal Is Key

I had a rehearsal dinner on a yacht in Marina Del Rey the night before the wedding. I was so glad I did this. We invited everybody and it was great to have all of the guests mix and mingle the night before. I really felt like it made our wedding reception so much more fun having had people already get acquainted on Friday. 

Since we were all out to sea on the boat together for 4 hours during the sunset cruise I got to really make sure I thanked everybody for coming and catch up with friends I hadn't seen in a while. On my wedding night I really got to party and dance instead of saying hello and feeling like a greeter all night. Too often I have asked family and friends what they regretted the night of their wedding and they always seem to say the same thing- "I didn't have fun." That's just crazy to me!! You plan for so long, spend your life's savings, and then end up making rounds to tables to "speak" and miss the actual party! I danced the night away and wouldn't have it any other way. I would tell future brides & grooms to simply HAVE FUN.  

We got such great feed back from this beautiful bride! She gave us the low down on all that she loved on her big day AND all that went a little sideways but made for a killer wedding story afterwards. You are going to want to keep reading to find out just what happened on this day and learn from her mistakes!

Disaster #1- We had a few mini "disasters"! If I could go back I really wish I would have bobby pinned my veil down. I am a hairstylist. I have put hundreds of veils in. I, more than anybody should know better! But of course, when I did my own hair I just popped it in really fast and as I was walking down the aisle the wind blew, my cathedral length veil caught on a rose bush, and flew out of my hair. It made for a funny story but I so wish the photos of me walking down the aisle I had my veil in. 

Disaster #2- I didn't bustle my dress. I really wanted my dress to have the train flowing in the photos as I had my first dance. I also don't like how dresses look bustled. WELL, that was a huge mistake. I was stepping all over my train during our first dance and I honestly could barely move and we just rocked back and forth and laughed. Again, funny now- not funny then. 

Disaster #3- My then fiance bought me a pair of crystal adorned GORGEOUS Christian Louboutin heels. I was so excited that I totally forgot to get a cute pair of dancing shoes! I ended up wearing a pair of flats one of my bridesmaids had packed after my poor toes were crying for some relief! I wish I would have bought a cute white lacy pair of flats for the after party! 

Disaster #4- I wish I started earlier. Things always run later than expected and I wish I would have paid a little extra and had my photographer come a few hours earlier! That being said, I also wish I had scheduled my hair and makeup for earlier as well! I really wanted to do it as late as possible so it would stay looking fresh all night! YEAH RIGHT! I danced so hard, cried my eyes out during vows and speeches- there was NO saving my makeup or hair. That extra hour earlier would have only provided me for more time for sipping champagne and going around the vineyard to take more photos. 

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Breaking Down That Budget

Wait! Before you run away, we have this weddings budget breakdown! Yeah, just click here to get a better idea of just how much this Malibu California wedding day cost. You might be surprised!

Catering $12,000

Booze $6,000

Cake $800

Florals $7,000

Dress $2,000

Veil $500

Shoes $1,200

Venue $6,000

Rentals $9,000

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Gifts $3,000  

Invitations/Save the dates/Postage: $1,000

Signage $500

DJ $2,500

Photography $4,000

Videographer $7,000

Security Guard $1,000

Valet $500 

Limo & Party Bus Rental $1,000 

Wedding Estimate Total: $65,000

Rehearsal Dinner Yacht Party: $6,000

Honeymoon (Bora Bora): $15,000

Grand Total: $86,000 

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