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Vintage Chic French Wedding

blue and pink French wedding

A beautiful day filled with soft retro touches of pink and blue. Romain and Anne's French country side wedding day celebrated their commitment to love each other now and forever as well as thank their families for all their support. Captured by the talented Anne-Claire Brun we know that you will want to see even more of this sweet couples heartfelt day, so be sure to click here to see the full gallery.

French Wedding Venue

French Wedding Ideas

vintage style wedding invite

a bit about the dress

On my first meeting with my dream dress designer, Delphine Manivet, I tried on four dresses and I knew right away when I saw mine. I think it's true, that the dress chooses you and not you who chooses it! I wanted a simple dress, fluid, light. I love the retro feel and the Calais lace! I went back to the store twice with my mom and my bridesmaids. It was a good excuse to have a little Parisian getaway and it was so much fun to share these moments with them!

For Romain's suit, we wanted something original, dandy but still casual. I had a photo of my parents'wedding that you can see on the tree. My dad was wearing a blue jacket and white pants. It was in 1983 and Romain decided to go for that look. It was meaningful and I love that it was original and very 80s looking!

pink and blue wedding bouquet

blue grooms suit

dapper groomsman suits

boho chic wedding dress

church wedding

French wedding programs

French Church Wedding

yay! we are married

stylish bride and groom looks

We wanted to honor our parents and grand parents, that's why we hung their wedding photos in the trees outside. There was a lot of symbolism in our wedding. We are both very attached to our families.

pink and blue wedding ideas and decor

pink and blue lanterns

French Wedding

pink wedding bouquet

place card table

wedding seating ideas

pink and blue wedding decor

french inspired wedding decorations

straws with flags

honey wedding favors

table decor ideas

from the bride

There were so many moments I loved! The exchange of vows was full of emotions. For many months, I tried to prepare myself not to cry during the ceremony! And in the end, the song "Hallelujah" from Jeff Buckley, which had made me cry in my bathroom, didn't even make me cry! And on the other hand, when I saw my dad waiting for me in front of the church, I felt my throat tighten.

My voice was all messed up when I started talking in the church, I was holding my emotions so much! And again, when we thanked our families and friends before diner. It's very intense to see everyone together and happy to be here. If I had an advice for a future bride, I'd say let it go; Meaning live every moment deeply and love it. It's a slice of pure happiness and you must enjoy it, it goes so quickly!

sparkler topped wedding cake

To get a closer look at this vintage chic wedding check out the wedding film Pascal Délé created below!


Read on to hear Romain and Anne's sweet and unconventional love story about how they met and why they chose to tie the knot after nearly ten years of living together.

From the Bride:
Romain and I met in a pub where I worked with a friend of mine. He came for a drink with my friend's boyfriend and that's where I saw him for the first time. One year passed and then we met again by chance in a bakery. We had diner with friends and we started dating... And fell in love.

I left everything for him. I followed him from town to town (he's a professional soccer player). We had two beautiful children: Romane and Oscar.
After 9 years of living together, we decided to get married. There wasn't a knee down proposal or an engagement ring but the promise to love each other for the rest of our life and to keep on writing our story. So we said "let's get married next year" and so it all started :)

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