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True Love Lasts A Lifetime! This 65 Year Anniversary Shoot Is Proof


On March 8th 1952 Floyd and Dixie said I do. This year they have a lot to celebrate, Dixie turned 85 in January, Floyd will be 90 in April and they are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary! Over the last 65 years their family has grown to include 7 children, 23 grand children, and 23 great grand children (with 2 more on the way!).

Relationship goals for sure! You can see that they still love each other just as much as they did 65 years ago, if not more. The story that goes along with this shoot is just as cute as the amazing photos from Erica Noelle Photography, which you can see all of in the full gallery, and read more about below!


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A Very Special Shoot ForĀ  A Very Special Couple

From Erica Noelle Photography: As a professional photographer (and one of those 23 grandchildren) I wanted to give them the kind of session that I give my newly engaged clients. It has been at least 20 year since they have had any professional portraits taken and with so much to celebrate, there was no better time to put this together for them. This session took place at the home that Floyd and Dixie have spent the last 30 years building together in Southern California. With the help of two of their daughters and some amazing vendors, we put together an amazing anniversary session for these two.

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A Lifetime Of Fond Memories And Lots Of Love

I asked both of them what their fondest memory of being married for 65 years is. Floyd responded with "Well they've all been good I've got a lot of memories and they are all good. She was a very good mother, very good wife. When I was out working I'd be gone for two or three days and she had to do all the work, she had to do everything. And we worked together to have what we have now".


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Serious Life Goals From The A Very Loved Couple

Dixie also reflected on their hard work "We worked hard for everything that we have had, I look at all this and I wouldn't trade it for the world." When asked specifically about Floyd she responded with " I just couldn't ask for anyone better, not at all, he's been a wonderful person and he loves the kids. He'd do anything for any of them he'd give his last dime. He's just a good person". These two are so loved by so many people and it was truly an honor to capture such an amazing session, let alone for my own grandparents. This is the kind of thing that you just don't see everyday and definitely gives some serious life goals!

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