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Traditional Wieger’s Villa Wedding in Slovakia


This international wedding was stunning. Katka, the bride, is Slovak and Daniel, the groom, is from Switzerland. The weather was not perfect, but the smiles on everyone's were. The wedding was held at Wieger's Villa. A beautiful old farmhouse in the middle of vineyards in the hills of the Little Carpathians in Slovakia.

Milan Matuska photographed the day and shares more about this special day and the unique traditional below. You can see more of Katarina and Daniel's wedding in the full gallery here.

This micro-location is very similar to Italian Tuscany. The microclimate here enables the cultivation of vineyards and the production of the highest quality wine. Many Slovak traditions took place during the wedding, read on to see them all. 

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Pronovias wedding gown



The bride's dress is from Salone Nicole and was designed by Pronovias atelier. It was important for the bride to have a light looking, boho-romantic style, so she would feel good and comfortable for the entire day ,and could dance through the whole night. The groom, and his witness, and two of other of his friends agreed to have suits in the same style, designed and tailored by Mensurbiqevci Tailor.


Everything Happens In One Place

The ceremony, dinner and celebration party happened all in one place and was beautifully decorated by Atélier Papaver, who took care of all the flower decorations, table florals arrangements and even about small details like candles and small flower decorations for the bridesmaids.


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And what could be a Slovak wedding without traditional Slivovica? This is very strong, schnapps like alcohol, which is very typical for Slovakian weddings. The one served at Katarina's and Daniel's wedding was specially prepared and bottled for this occasion.

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Katarina and Daniel's wedding took place in Slovakia in an old villa from the 16th Century. The Villa was reconstructed with the accent on the history and vinery area, where it's located. Thanks to its unique location surrounded by historic vineyards, it's considered as a very romantic and stylish venue while still providing the couple and their guests complete privacy and a unique romantic atmosphere.

The Swiss guests were surprised by these traditions new to them, which added the right "turns" to the wedding celebration.

The couple has a photo shoot with sparklers (in the rain) and an evening photo shoot with a light sky. Katka and Daniel danced the night away with their friends and family. They reflected on their day as something that was completely their own, unlike any other wedding before.

Not everything went as planned - the weather was not playing well, but thanks to professionally of everyone preparing this event, it did not matter at all and the guests and both bride and groom enjoyed this day, filled with love and joy and had a great memory for the whole life.


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Wedding Cake

The wedding cake and the candy bar was prepared and arranged by Lulu's Bakery, who is a top class wedding baker in Slovakia. The cake was three layers tall and was a delicious combination of rich fruit, vanilla and white chocolate flavors.



Katarina and Daniel met in Switzerland, and are an international couple with a lot of friends from all over Europe. Which was also reflected on their wedding guest list. The wedding had guests from nine different countries who spoke many different languages, but the crowd magically united in celebrating their big day with such ease and joy.

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What would be the wedding in Slovakia without some Slovak traditions? There are quite a lot of small traditions, but probably the biggest one is the "Cepcenie." Which happens at midnight, and symbolizes a moment, when a girl becomes a woman, and a man has to handover his symbolic "feather." As he is finished "flying" and is settling down with the woman he is marrying.

The whole ceremony is made in traditional Slovak folk festive clothes and is accompanied by very emotional songs. This is the part where mums are crying. 


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