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This V&E Wedding Was an Epic Dance Party with an Ocean View

Portrait of bride and groom in front of vineyard next to ocean

Just like many couples who got engaged right before the pandemic began, their love for each other couldn’t wait - they officially married in an intimate setting on September 4, 2020. However, this small ceremony was more of a formality. The couple couldn’t imagine their special day without their numerous friends and family being there to pop champagne and celebrate! Their solution? A dance-party wedding on their first anniversary!  

One year later on September 4, 2021, V&E couple, Dani & Chris, had their exhilarating wedding that represented everything they held dear to their hearts. Venues & Estates strives to recognize the unique qualities of their V&E couples and translate these traits into the creation of dream weddings. For this couple in particular, it just wouldn’t be Dani & Chris without a big, fun-filled dance party by the ocean to celebrate their nuptials. And boy did they deliver! Their celebration created an atmosphere brimming with excitement at a picturesque location that united not only the two when they said, “I do,” but also brought together their friends and family for the awe inspiring occasion.  

Keep scrolling to see all of the photos by The IDo Photography featuring the Catalina View Gardens, flowers by Primrose & Petals, and cakes and catering by Silver Service Events, all planned with the help of Venues & Estates.

Bride in white satin robe with hanging wedding dress in front of window

Wedding shoes and rings

Bride and bridesmaids in getting-ready robes

Groom on balcony overlooking ocean

Bridal portrait holding bouquet in front of window

Bride holding up bouquet

Portrait of bride and groom in front of wood door surrounded by greenery

Picking a Stunning, yet Personal Venue

Dani & Chris looked at several venues with breathtaking landscapes; however, it came as no surprise that the one with the ocean view stole their hearts. Chris is a surfer from Laguna, and Dani grew up with a love of the beach, so it was only fitting that the two decided to incorporate their shared love of the ocean. The natural beauty of V&E’s Pacific View Courtyard in Palos Verdes, CA provided a gorgeous backdrop for the couple’s sophisticated and minimalistic wedding design. 

Portrait of bride and groom in front of vineyard and ocean

Choosing a Color Palette

So as not to take away from the stunning coastal scene of Catalina Island, Dani & Chris composed their color palette of neutral tones and greenery matching the landscape of the venue’s vineyards.  They included accents of blush florals and hints of matte black throughout their reception.  

Bridesman sprinkling rose petals down the aisle

Bridesman handing out White Claws down the aisle

Bride and groom at altar during ceremony

Bride and groom holding hands and cheering in aisle after ceremony

Portrait of bride and groom kissing in front of coastal view

Including Their Friends

This particular couple treasured their friends like no other. Not only did the bride and groom have a wedding party of 14, but Dani also had a combination of bridesmaids and brides-men! Dani invited one of her brides-men to take on the role of flower girl, strutting down the aisle with basket in hand. From the first White Claw he pulled from the basket and handed to a seated guest, it was clear that this wedding would be one for the books! 

Reception table with view of ocean

Reception table centerpiece with view of ocean behind it

Reception table centerpiece with white flowers and greenery

Bride and groom first dance

Bride and groom dancing with wedding party

Bride and groom dancing with wedding party

Bride dancing with guests

View from DJ booth during reception

A Dance Party Reception

The Couple’s grand entrance truly set the stage for this dance-party reception. The wedding party entered first, showing off their swagger. Then came the couple, smiling ear to ear and waltzing straight into their first dance. This lasted about thirty seconds before the music changed and the wedding party joined the couple in a flash mob-style group dance! From there, the couple, their friends, and their family all danced the night away. It was an evening filled with crowd favorites, and each guest had such a good time that they didn’t want to leave. Literally! The epic dance party with an ocean view wedding was nothing short of what Dani & Chris had dreamed about for their special day. 

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