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Tasty Little Treats


The chicks highly recommend having a cocktail hour while the wedding party is taking photos. There is nothing worse than a hungry guest!

Peter Callahan has a few tips to keep in mind while planning all the details. For an hour or so serve eight to ten different hors d'oeuvre; you should allow one of each per guest.
Passed hors d' oeuvres should be easy to lift with one hand and eat in one bite.

He recommends; Chinese soup spoons, shot glasses, demitasse cups, and bamboo skewers offer a few creative way to serve foods that cannot be picked up with your hands.
Try to avoid side sauces with hors d'oeuvre. A dollop of sauce on top in much neater.
Serve vegetarian, seafood, beef and chicken bites to please everyone.

Think seasonal and match food to the weather and its surroundings. Serve fruits, vegetables and edible flowers in a garden setting or set up a raw bar for a wedding reception near the water. If the weather is colder server more substantial tidbits and when the weather is warm and sunny offer cool and lighter bites.

{Picture thanks to Martha Stewart Magazine}

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