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Stop What You Are Doing You Need To See This Dramatic Wedding

Stop What You Are Doing You Need To See This Dramatic Wedding

Who here went and saw the movie Crazy Rich Asians last summer? Well if you loved the over the top wedding in that movie, you are going to love love LOVE the kind of drama this couple in the Philippines brought to their big day. Hint: you're gunna want to see their reception. 

There are just too many eye-popping details to see below and in the full gallery thanks to Colove Studios. So I suggest you get to scrolling so you can see and read all about this crazy fabulous day!

getting wedding ready wedding dress twirl

bridal style

bridal party with bridesmaids and brides man hug the bride

laughing groom groom all ready for the wedding

groomsmen and grooms lady

It was really difficult to plan our wedding because Laurence was based overseas while I was the only one left in the Philippines to physically handle everything. Hence, we decided to have a full-time wedding planner, who really helped us have a smooth process.

A Heartfelt Ceremony

We knew already that wedding days can be very overwhelming because of the many things happening simultaneously. I remember when Fr. Jboy Gonzales, our celebratory priest, dear friend, and spiritual mentor, approached me in the church before walking down the aisle. He told me to be in the present moment, forget the stress, and cherish this once-in-a-lifetime event. That moment, I looked around and saw all the important people with us celebrating our love. I believe that message kept us grounded and present. I also love how Fr. Jboy clearly narrated our love story, which helped everyone in the church better understand the reason for the celebration on that day. That beautiful homily really gave us and our guests a roller coaster of emotions. Having a personal priest, who really understood our story, made our wedding day extra special and an unforgettable experience for us and for everyone who attended.

Hence, more than the ambiance of Palazzo Verde, songs incredibly played by the Leggiero Strings and Chamber Orchestra, and the beautiful styling done by Dave Sandoval, our wedding day was highlighted by our beautiful story. 

sweet wedding ride wedding ride

dramatic wedding ceremony entrance here comes the bride

wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony sweet candid wedding couple photos

you may now kiss the bride wedding rings just married

wedding kiss

Ditching Tradition

We also love the fact that we have a Groom’s Lady and Bride’s man. I have a close male friend while Laurence has a close female friend. We both want to honor our friendship during our wedding, not be bound by the tradition of having all male groomsmen and all-female bridesmaids. Sotts (bridesman) wore a burgundy suit (similar shade of bridesmaids dresses) while Jasmin wore a navy blue dress (similar shade of groomsmen’s suits).

The Ambiance

We have received amazing feedback on our wedding: from how solemn and unplugged the church ceremony was, delicious food, good hosting by JC Alelis, and of course, the beautiful reception. They said that even if the whole wedding experience had a luxurious ambiance, they did not feel uncomfortable or tight. They were still relaxed. That’s exactly how we want them to feel. 

crazy glamorous wedding reception

crazy glamorous wedding reception dramatic lighting dramatic chandelier and flower ceiling wedding reception

crazy glamorous wedding reception

wedding couple

Budget Breakdown

Venue: 6,000
Food: 5,000
Flowers and Styling : 10,000
Lights and sounds: 4,000
Bride's and groom's attire: 5,000
Photographer: 1,500
Videographer: 3,000
Entertainment: 1,000
Invitations: 500
Rings: 2,000
Others (church fees, wedding planner fees, hotel fees, etc.): 7,000

wedding invitation

dramatic gold and red wedding reception crazy glamorous wedding reception

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