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Stef + Jared | Onada Photography | PA/NJ

I met Stef and Jared last year, an extremely grounded and focused couple. At our initial meeting, after getting all the photography business out of the way, they told me about their goals, dreams and ambitions as a couple - I felt like I was talking to my friends. I have no doubt in my mind that these two will be successful in life and I'm so excited to share their wedding photos with you. They had an intimate ceremony and reception at Sayen Gardens in Hamilton NJ a gorgeous location with breathtaking scenery. See the rest of their images here.

Stephanie and Jared-019

Stephanie and Jared-028

Stephanie and Jared-029

Stephanie and Jared-083

Stephanie and Jared-037

Stephanie and Jared-087

Stephanie and Jared-131

Stephanie and Jared-173

Stephanie and Jared-182

Stephanie and Jared-229

Stephanie and Jared-231

Stephanie and Jared-146

Stephanie and Jared-234

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