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Rustic Inspiration

Since today is Rustic Monday on my Kate Parker Wedding, we thought we would share a rustic inspiration board created on my Kate Parker Wedding by one of our wedding vendors.  Connecticut wedding floral designer, Jessica's Country Flowers created a great rustic inspiration board featured below!  The rustic floral elements combined with the green and brown color scheme is a perfect example of rustic inspiration.  Check out the inspiration board below or visit the inspiration boards on my Kate Parker Wedding!

Rustic Inspiration Board

Rustic Inspiration Board

To build your own inspiration board, visit my Kate Parker Wedding to sign up or log in!  You can create your own inspiration board according to your wedding's state and budget.  The states/regions currently available on the site are Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York City/Westchester County, Rhode Island, Washington D.C./Metro Area, and Vermont.  We are also planning to have these new markets available soon on my Kate Parker Wedding: Atlanta, Baltimore, Mexico, Costa Rica, Savannah/Hilton Head, Oklahoma City, and Florida.

Inspiration Board

This could be your inspiration board!  Your photo tray (shown above) already stores all of the photographs from vendors in your state and budget.  This makes it easy to drag and drop these photos from your photo tray into the inspiration board.  Viola!  Your own inspiration board!  Choose your own title, style, season, and add up to four colors to create a unique board!  Once your own inspiration board is published it is shared within the my Kate Parker Wedding community and featured on your individual profile page under the editorial contributions tab.  It will also be featured in the main inspiration boards page, along with the vendors inspiration boards.  Have fun creating your own unique inspiration board and using all of the other tools available to you on my Kate Parker Wedding.

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