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Romantic Surprise Proposal

surprise proposal

Looking to pop the question in a romantic and meaningful way? Then you must see this! Our next groom-to-be,  Cameron reached out to his friends Simone Anne and Cait McRea for a little help on how to put together a surprise proposal.
As you can see they planned such an adorable day! Hannah, the bride-to-be, will tell the story over and over for the rest of her life.  We love this story and you can read even more of it by scrolling down, and you can see more by visiting the full gallery here.

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Planning A Surprise Engagement

From Simone Anne: Cameron contacted me months before this happened (I was actually the first to know that he wanted to propose!) with so much love for Hannah and excitement over proposing to spend his life with her. He quickly brought Cait on board, their mutual best friend, who helped plan everything impeccably well, right down to the last detail.

Dressed to the nines in a perfect suit, blue button down, & with an elaborate display behind him, Cameron waited for Hannah. He'd brought along a poem he'd written for Hannah a few years ago & on the table sat two beautiful locks in honor of the lock he'd placed on the Pont de l'Archevêché for Hannah when he was in Paris... Want to know more?! Keep scrolling to find the whole story of the day below!

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Keep reading to find out just how Cameron's surprise proposal panned out! We warn you now, this story is heart melting.

The Full Story:
From Simone Anne:...Cait invited Hannah for a girls' day so that they could have lunch & get their nails done at the Claremont Hotel. Cait claimed the hotel was a current client of hers who was interested in showing them what the Claremont is all about & giving them a little tour around the property. After they had their nails done (red for Hannah), Cait casually mentioned that you could get up to the tower through the Master Suite (where presidents & other visiting dignitaries stay) & asked if could they go check it out. Hannah agreed, of course, & the two headed towards the suite & the tower.

When Hannah walked into the room, Adele was playing & there were rose petals lining the floor. She looked back at Cait questioningly & Cait just motioned for her to head upstairs. I think it was in this moment that Hannah suddenly realized what was happening. She raced up the stairs beaming, out the door, & into the tower where Cameron was waiting for her.He took her hands, pulled her over to the flowers & the poem & he started telling her just how much she meant & means to him. Her hands were on her mouth in shock & joy as he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her & got down on one knee to ask, "Hannah, will you marry me?"

"Yes, yes, of course!" she shouted with happy tears in her eyes.

They embraced & celebrated & it was seriously one of the most amazing & emotional moments I have EVER experienced.

As if that weren't enough, Cameron had an additional surprise: Hannah's immediate family, with whom she is very close, had flown up from San Diego to surprise them after the proposal. They rushed into the tower to celebrate with the newly engaged couple & many minutes were spent reliving all of the moments of the day, telling Hannah just how everything had come together perfectly after many months of planning.

At the close of a perfect evening, the couple made a heart with their thumbprints on a personalized piece of art, celebrated with a glass of champagne, watched the sunset from the famous tower, & had a large, celebratory family & best friends dinner at the Claremont's Award Winning hotel restaurant.

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