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Relaxed DIY Bridal Shower

easy bridal shower ideas

When prepping for your wedding, your bridal shower should be a fun way to relax and savor the days before becoming a wife. Ashley's relaxed DIY bridal shower did just that with an outdoor setting bursting of casual, yet adorable details. You will have to scroll down to see all of them for yourself.
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lemoande stand on the back of a truck

card sign made out of moss

From the Bride-to-be

All of these lovely details were done by both of my matron of honors. A total DIY bridal shower! It was hosted in the backyard of a family friends in Baltimore, OH. With the help of my mother, and family friends the event went off without a hitch! Our 1969 Ford truck is a fun little adventure mobile we bought a little over a year ago and the perfect accessory.

caramel apple bar

Bridal Shower Menu Ideas + A Carmel Apple Bar

This is such a great idea for your wedding as well. Simply put camel in fondu pots and have all the drippings on the side. Such a fun way dessert idea. Don't you think? The menu had calligraphy written on a recycled piece of wood. They had Greek salad, cucumber sandwiches, hummus and pita, fruit kabobs and tzatziki sauce.

what to server at a bridal shower for lunch

cucumber sandwiches

Budget Friendly Bridal Shower Decor Ideas

Card tables were lined with kraft paper and some basic black chairs were jazzed up with streamers. Each guest had a paper strawberry crate filled with homemade cookies wrapped with a bow that said forever on it. They sat on paper plates accompanied by plastic gold flatware.
The centerpieces were sticks held together by twine and baby lamb's ear placed in the center. Affordable, crafty and the bride can totally take this home. easy bridal shower decorations

easy center pieces

tent bridal shower

steal worthy idea

Hang ribbons from paper lanterns and attach photos of the couple to the ribbon.  The lanterns will not deflate like balloons and you can make them the night before. Plus they can be a great keepsake if they are in a color that matches the bride and groom's new home. Cuteness.

chinese lantern photo display

bridal shower ideas

date night bridal shower gift

Before you hop and skip over the gallery to check out more bridal shower ideas- check out this steal worthy bridal shower gift. A basket filled with all the fixings for the perfect date night.  Includes drinks for two, movie passes, ingredients for cookies to sneak in your purse along with the bride and groom's favorite candies. Best bridal shower gift idea ever!

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