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Refined Woodsy Wedding

light blush and white wedding bouquet

Lisa and Byron were married in Northern Maine at The Loon Lodge. The backdrop of the mountains and lakes were magical. These two radiated love and their wedding was filled with gorgeous woodland themed details.
The rain couldn't put a damper on their refined woodsy wedding. Though, the stormy weather did hold off for their ceremony right until the moment they were leaving the aisle. The downpour started and they were still all smiles. Get the entire scoop from the full gallery here, photographed by Flora + Fauna.

outdoor woodsy wedding

refined woodsy wedding ideas

royal blue bridesmaid dresses

Lobster Bake Rehearsal Dinner

We had our wedding in Rangeley, Maine and hosted a gorgeous Lobster Bake for our Welcome/Rehearsal Dinner outside at Bald Mountain Camps. We split up the wedding party and the rest of the guests during dinner so we could do speeches and create a more intimate environment for our closest family and friends. However, it felt really exclusive. We were in such a remote and beautiful location with all our friends and family we love and really regret splitting everyone up. At the end of the day it would've been more inclusive and special to join everyone for the whole night especially since the venue was right on the lake and it felt intimate anyway.

woodsy wedding program

wedding chalkboard sign

beautfiul peaceful wedding ceremony

Embrace The Imperfections

As for our wedding, we don't regret a thing. I know that sounds cliche and unrealistic, but I loved every part of it. I especially love the fact that we had the ceremony outside and as we said our vows, the skies opened up and poured for 5 mins straight. The mass stampede from the ceremony to the tent was hilarious, lightened the mood from an emotional ceremony and provided amazing pictures. We just went with the flow all day. I think that's the best advice I can give any bride and groom. No wedding is "perfect" because our expectations vary from person to person. Know that not everything will go according to plan and learn to laugh at the stuff that goes wrong. Makes for some amazing memories.

painted wood cut escort cards

refreshing white and green wedding reception

wood script wedding menu

moose juice cocktail

Flora + Fauna Wedding Photography

A piece of advice is to search high and low for a really great photographer. Jenn and Derreck's work is so beautiful, and the fact that we now call them friends, is icing on the cake. They hung out with us both nights of our wedding weekend and they felt like they were friends who just happened to be taking photos. Really made us feel so comfortable.The awesome part is that Flora + Fauna were also the videographers for this wedding! See their gorgeous film below.

wedding photography on the dock


Read on for some insight into how much this wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

I think all in all the wedding day cost about $50K. The Rehearsal Lobster Bake was around $10K. We did a fairly good job pricing out all vendors but did have some last minute surprises. Since we were in such a remote area, I couldn't find vendors that could create the aesthetic of the day that I wanted. So I had to hire a planner, Gilded Lily Events, to do the flowers, tablescapes, table assignments, decorations, etc. Best last minute addition. Paige from Gilded knew exactly what I wanted and created ideas that I never knew I needed! Booze was also more than we expected. We wanted to create a dance party atmosphere for the reception so we did open bar with top shelf liquor. We don't regret spending the money because the party was insanely fun, but it was an added expense.

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