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Randi and Amber’s Go Big or Go Home Girly Girl Wedding

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Looking to have a rustic chic wedding with a hint of glam? If you answered, "Yes!" Then  you're  going to want to scroll down to start pinning Randi and Amber's San Diego wedding.

All of their details and decor are on point. Plus their wedding was a raging good time. They even had their very own merchandise table. Guests were able to snag tee shirts, hats and shot glasses with their custom hashtag #RANBER. That's something we've never seen before and would love to see again! Chrissy Gilmartin Photography shares more on their fun-filled and ultra-stylish weekend. 

Wedding Color Story: Blush & Rose Gold

Decor Style: Rustic Chic

Ceremony: Outdoor wedding ceremony

Reception: Indoor Reception

Wedding Season: Fall / September

Location: San Diego, California

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Chrissy Gilmartin Photography

Welcome to one of the most touching and straight up GORGEOUS weddings of two of the sweetest, most loving and fun women I know... Randi and Amber - aka #RANBER! Within minutes of meeting these stunning girls last year I was in love with them!! I can't describe it... It's like you just feel the love they have for each other and it literally penetrates your soul and immediately makes you feel happy!! And I am not the only one who feels this way! I cannot tell you how many of their friends and family told me the exact same thing when describing them throughout the evening... And I cannot tell you how completely honored I am that they chose me to capture every last huge open mouth smile, every last RAD dance move, and every last glimpse of what love should look like..

These girls are goals my friends... and without a doubt will be spending every last moment of the rest of their lives loving each other till death do them part.

One of my absolute FAV things about these girls is there GO BIG or GO HOME attitude about everything in their life... and their gorgeous wedding was a perfect example of this! Randi and Amber have quite a large group of friends and family and wanted to ensure that not only did everyone have an amazing day... but rather an amazing weekend!  So in pure #RANBER fashion, the ladies set out to find the perfect AirB&B located near the venue, to house all of their large extended tribe! This place was insane... and walking in to get prepped to take their "Getting Ready" photos literally felt like we were on a movie set... there were hair and make up artists galore, bridesmaids and "bridesmen" everywhere you looked, and two stunning blondes with the biggest smiles you ever did see!

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Sparkly platform wedding converse


My team and I set up and grabbed all of the amazing little details that make these girls who there are, to get them ready to shoot. Now looking at these babes you may just think they are going to be sporting some high end, drop dead gorgeous 4 inch heels, right? Nope... These girls are FUN... these girls know how to shake their booties... and these girls can NOT be bothered with heels all night... So what did they choose... But custom Converse of course!! Sparkly bright white converse for both of the ladies, with all of the bridal party having matching kicks with their FAB hashtag on them #RANBER... And that's not all.. wait until you see all of the #RANBER march they had waiting to surprise all of their guests at the reception!

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Their First Look
Had 50 People

Next we headed out to the backyard to get the girls ready for their "first look"... Seriously y'all... it was ugly crying time... I have been a part of tons  of first looks... but this one... this one was different... Most first looks are a private moment between the couple. A time for them to get intimate, get emotional, and a time just for the two of them to spend a little alone time before the ceremony together!

But, not these ladies... these girls tribes are like their lifeline... their reason for being... their reason for joy. So this first look included about 50 of their closest friends and family, all part of the bridal party, looking on as Amber would turn to see the woman she would spend the rest of her life loving. The woman who made her whole. I swear it was like we were all in pins and needles waiting for them to see each other... And as Randi walked towards Amber, and I witnessed the sheer JOY on both of their faces as the moment got closer, I couldn't help but to see the tears start flowing... Myself, my team, everyone!! The UGLY CRY was on, as we all witnessed the insane love in these women's eyes as they saw each other for the first time in their princess gowns!! And then the laughter, the giggles, the dancing around... the showing off each other's kicks! It was perfection my friends. No other way to describe it.

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Bridal portrait pose idea

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Merchandise table at wedding

Merchandise table at wedding Merchandise table at wedding

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