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One of my goals this year was to shoot more for myself before wedding season arrives. I have been wanting to shoot an urban bridal portrait in Raleigh, NC for some time in an area and situation where I could not worry about getting the dress dirty or producing results for a paying client. Raleigh Wedding Photographers have some advantages by having an urban area close by and with quite a few wedding dresses that I own, the concept began to grow.  The other thing it gives me is an awesome wedding clientele that will come out to make the shoot "real".
I asked Joanna to come out for this and she readily agreed (Thanks Joanna, you rock!) as it was an opportunity to have some fun and photograph what we wanted. As this was more for me then Joanna, I decided early on that an Urban Bridal Portrait was just what I was wanting to do. Locating a warehouse in Raleigh was a little more difficult but a friend came through for me and found one with access to do it in. All I can say is, I want, really want, to do this more often as we both had an absolute blast with it! Joanna brought out her Jimmy Choos to spice up the bridal portrait and, with the dress and a lovely wedding client, well the results were awesome!
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Raleigh Wedding Photographers

Urban Bridal Portrait in Raleigh

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