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I worked with Jonathan & Stephanie after a very quick succession of meeting, signing and shooting their engagement session at the Umstead Hotel.  I believe it was a total of 5 days between all 3 things happening. In my years as a Raleigh Engagement Photographer, I have never turned a couple around so quickly.  I think I actually like it so I will be pushing to shoot engagement sessions more quickly in the future.
Now I have photographed weddings and events at the Umstead Hotel weddings a over the past years and while it is definitely one of my favorite places to photograph, this was my first engagement session there.  I myself never realized it and when we started talking about locations, I had an epiphany of sorts and they loved the idea.  The rest, as you can say, is history!  We were given access to the hotel, lake & pool areas and with cloudy skies above, we were all alone with the exception of their pooch who made a brief appearance with us down by the water.
After the rain started threatening we decided to have a quick clothing change and then move closer to indoors should the rain decide to make an appearance.  The Umstead Hotel has so many beautiful places to work in that it doesn't matter if we are inside or outside... the photos are beautiful!  I hope you enjoy a few photos from the session below.

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