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Proud Papa

This is one of my favorite images.
Being a guy and shooting weddings is kinda like riding a pogo stick with no hands; you really need to focus to do it well, or you are going to fall on your ass and everyone will point and laugh at you for trying in the first place. I mean, I know it is important to grab as many detail shots as possible and to make sure I get lots of pictures of the wedding dress and other stuff like that... But lets be honest here, A guy is never going to understand just how fired up a bride is about the color of flowers in her bouquet or how cool the lacing is on the back of her dress... (I know I need to take pictures of those too... =D) Proud Papa

There is absolutely one thing that a guy like me gets; this picture. I can connect with every emotion that Gianna's father is feeling in this moment. Everything from over whelming happiness to pride to a touch of fear and sadness as he is about to give away one of his most prize possessions; his daughter. I am pretty confident that I will be looking at my daughter the same way; knot in the stomach holding back some tears trying to look tough, full of pride for my beautiful daughter.
This picture is the reason I shoot weddings.
If you would like to see more of Gianna and Gary's beautiful wedding, you can check it out on the Wedding Chicks HERE.

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