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Pink And Gold Glittery Wedding

beautiful blush wedding inspiration

This beautifully executed pink and gold glittery wedding on a budget took place in Texas. Crystal, the bride, was the mastermind behind all of the amazing details that filled the beautiful Montgomery summer day. Everything went extremely smoothly despite some slight hiccups.
The day was filled with close family and friends from Texas and New Orleans alike and Olde Dobbin Station was the perfect backdrop to make this brides dreams come true. Get in on all their gold glitter wedding ideas in the full gallery here, photographed by Natalie Jo Wedding Photography.

blush and grey wedding stationery

peach to pink bridesmaid dresses

bridesmaids bouquets and gold glitter

pink dahlia bridesmaid bouquet

grey groomsmen and bouquet charm

lush white wedding bouquet

Don't Start Planning Too Early

I think the only thing I would have done differently is not start planning so early. That sounds crazy, I know! It's a blessing and a curse. I knew exactly what I wanted before we even got engaged so I just started running full throttle the day after we got engaged. I bought a lot of things early that I didn't end up using once we really got our staples in place. As I got further and further into the planning I saw different things I liked better so bought those instead. The money racks up pretty quickly! Also, over a years worth of time your tastes change just slightly or fads change and you see new things on pinterest. I wish I would have just put everything aside and made decisions on decor just a bit later so I was absolutely sure!

type writer wedding sign

industrial wedding ceremony setup

metal and flower wedding backdrop

Prioritize Your Budget

Another piece of advice is to spend the bulk of your money on 3 of your most important things. Mine were the photographer, the flowers and the venue! Now, I am a photographer as well so photos are my #1 priority! I'm pretty sure that was my biggest bill and I would do it over and over again! My photographer also happened to be a good college friend of mine, so she knew me as well! Research until you can't research anymore! I can't tell you how important it is to pick the "right" one. Don't go with the cheapest, PLEASE. I promise you, you get what you pay for!

cute bunting seating chart

his and hers seats with babys breath garland

pink gold and white chevron reception

gold glitter origami cranes

chalkboard easel wedding menu sign

Wedding Video Options

The other thing I would have done differently is budgeted for a videographer. We opted to use a website called wedit.com. They send you 5 apple devices with video capability and you give them to 5 people or let them be passed around. I made sure to have a great friend in the audience of my ceremony videoing that and another friend in charge of the important stuff at the reception such as first dance, cake, etc. They have an option to put your videos together for you and when you are trusting your guests to take the videos you get some pretty interesting stuff! I almost wish I would have done both. Get a professional videographer and have wedit!

tuxedo cupcakes wedding dessert table

naked wedding cake

white glittering wedding cake

Read on to see how much this pink and gold glittery wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Budget: After everything was said and done, we spent $30,000 on our wedding. That's not leaving anything out. Down to the button, pearl and lace! Including, stuff I didn't use, honeymoon, dress, invites/save the dates, linens, gifts for bridal party/parents, etc. I could have definitely done it for less but I wouldn't change a thing about that final day! It was perfect! Here is a small breakdown of the big things:
Venue: $5500
Photographer: (I got a friend discount) $2500
Flowers: $2500
Food: $2000
Dress: $2500
DJ: $500 (he was a friend)
Alcohol: $1500 (we provided beer and wine and anything my bridal party wanted. They had a code!)

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