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Perfectly Pretty Pink Wedding

Kaytee Lauren Photography @weddingchicks

This beautiful wedding is a timeless classic with lots of fun twists on tradition. With a Polaroid guestbook and a guest-painted wedding painting the details are so cute. If you love peonies then this wedding is a must see; they pop up everywhere!
Everything about this perfectly pretty pink wedding has us wanting more. Luckily there is more to be found right this way in the full gallery here, photographed by Kaytee Lauren.

beautiful blush bridesmaid dresses @weddingchicks

babys breath floral crowns @weddingchicks

pink peony wedding bouquet @weddingchicks

Sarah Seven Perfection

I had always wanted a Sarah Seven dress but was told there was no way I could get one (even on rush) in time for the big day. Determined, I ended up buying a sample Sarah Seven dress at another boutique, but I realized it wasn’t going to work. My mom pushed me to call the one of the flagships in California. To my utter surprise, after hearing my experience, the associate spoke with Sarah and they agreed to take my measurements and sent me a new dress within a week and a half. When it came in, I had no words. It was so beautiful and truly a dream come true.

classic groomsmen wedding attire @weddingchicks

wedding kiss @weddingchicks

Good Things Will Happen

Favorite things: Vows, walking down the aisle with mom, and hearing about the flower girl’s perfected slow and pointed toe walk down the aisle. Mom found the perfect necklace a few weeks before the wedding in a vintage pendant she had. It was my something borrowed. Mike forgot to tell the DJ no line dances. Then somehow the electric slide got played and one of our guy friends unexpectedly started dancing it to perfection. I looked at his wife and said, “How did this happen?” So glad it did.

wedding ceremony venue @weddingchicks

wedding ceremony chapel @weddingchicks

Get The Ring That's Right For You

I always wanted a simple gold band. This meant having a non-matching set but I really like how the different styles play off each other. When I saw Sarah Perlis’ work online, I knew I had found what I was looking for. She uses 18k and 20k gold in some of her pieces which is such a beautiful old gold type of color. She graciously accepted my short notice order and delivered a beautifully textured band.

wedding guestbook painting @weddingchicks

polaroid guestbook @weddingchicks

Last Minute Fixes

Things that almost went wrong: Mike was really concerned that I was going to bite it on my bike because of the length of my dress. He held me up for a minute but as soon as someone tucked my dress under it was smooth sailing. My original gold glitter shoes snagged my dress. My maid of honor found me a pair of awesome last minute gold replacements for under 20 dollars.

cute and classy table decor @weddingchicks

peony reception decor @weddingchicks

sweetheart table ideas @weddingchicks

wedding chair signs @weddingchicks

Classic Buttercream Cake

I love a classic buttercream cake. We met with Lora from Gateau’s distinctive cakes and she worked out a simple but beautiful design with champagne buttercream and fresh strawberry filling. In one of those wishy washy moments before the wedding I thought of calling her to change a design element. I am so glad I ran out of time to do this. It was not only beautiful but so unbelievably delicious. Second slices were had by many. We froze the top and I fear it may not make it until next year.

white wedding cake with peony topper @weddingchicks

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