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Peach And White Nostalgic Wedding

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When this darling couple planned out there big day they knew there were two vital components: to pay tribute to those they'd lost along the way and all the wonderful aspects from growing up in a small town. On a beautiful Autumn day in Georgia all their dreams came to life at their peach and white wedding.
Prepare to get a little teary eyed when you read the bride's beautiful story about the rainbow that showed up for their first dance. From beginning to end this peach and white nostalgic wedding is full of love and memories. See them all in the full gallery here, captured by Paige Williams Photography

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honor the grandparents

My grandparents were definitely the roots of my family and after the passing of each of them I knew I wanted to honor them in a huge way. They were the ones who taught me to dream, work hard, go to church, put God and family first, and most importantly love. Their love story begin on the "last day of '44" as they joined hands in marriage and settled down in Tignall where they began a family. My Grandpa always referred to this day as the "best day of his life". Their endless love continued to carry on even after my Grandpa passed away in 2008 and my Mema in 2013.

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wedding chalkboard program

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Outdoor church wedding vibe

My groom and I were married by my preacher of 20+years on a large farm under a tree with church pews for seating. I always wanted to mimic a church setting only outside. BBQ and homemade desserts made by family and friends were served just as they are every year at my church's homecoming. Vintage themed centerpieces and memorabilia and photographs of our loved ones were used to decorate the lovely venue. We featured my Mema's singer sewing machine and my Grandpa's rocking chair and saw blade. We also honored my husband's Daddy and Paw-Paw and a cousin and dear friend who have all joined God in Heaven. For our toast we shared a bottle of wine my husband's mom and dad bought on their last family vacation before he passed. The plan was for them to drink it on their son's wedding day.

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Heart-warming rainbow story

At our reception, as we were announced as husband and wife in front of all our family and friends (on a perfectly sunny day), the clouds opened up as if it were Heaven's gates and a beautiful rainbow appeared just as we began as first dance. A stream of tears immediately flowed down my face as I remembered what a rainbow meant to me. The day my Grandpa passed away, my family walked out of that hospital after weeks of fighting his death and a rainbow shined bright above us and we knew Grandpa was now "home" and as much as we would miss him we would be okay. It's amazing the days we see rainbows, on hard days, days we hurt, and perfect days just as this. We had no doubt in our hearts that our loved ones were right there with us. And as we dance we held each other tight and both said that this day was the best day of our lives. And just as soon as the rainbow came it disappeared just as our song ended.

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