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Oregon Lake Wedding

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This next wedding is breathtaking from start to finish. To showcase the natural beauty of Oregon, this couple held their wedding at the stunning Bridal Veil Lakes.
The lakes were more than just a pretty backdrop though, they were incorporated into the day in some pretty neat ways so keep reading to find out more! Snag more pretty wedding inspiration from this Oregon lake wedding from the full gallery here photographed by ANIKO Productions.

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Showcase The Beauty Of Your State

With most of our guests attending from out of town we wanted to show them the true beauty of Oregon through our venue. We knew when we visited Bridal Veil Lakes we had to start our forever there. The natural lushness was a perfect backdrop for our photographer Aniko Productions to take gorgeous photos. We chose soft colors and decor that complimented the natural pallet of the venue while also giving the venue a garden romance ambiance.

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A Unique Entrance

As guests arrived to the ceremony, we had pictures of loved ones unable to attend and a wood rack frame filled with handkerchiefs for guests. When everyone was seated, live music was played while the groom and groomsmen rowed across the lake in canoes to enter the ceremony. It was unique touch that guests continue to talk about. During the ceremony, I had to keep reminding myself to not kiss Chase until after the “I dos”.

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Canoe Wedding Transportation

After the ceremony, I bustled up my dress and got in the canoe with Chase. We rowed across the lake to the cocktail hour and made our grand entrance. No worries, we made it over safely without even a drop of water on my dress! For our reception, we wanted to include fun activities for guests to interact with. Blum Floral Design did an amazing job with the arbor at the ceremony and the centerpiece floral arrangements.

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DIY Is Not Always Cheaper

To save additional money, realize the expense of flowers when booking your venue. Don’t look at a venue and think it will be perfect if you just add flowers there, there, and there. Pick a venue that is already gorgeous and then add to it according to you budget. Also, remember DIY does not always mean cheaper. Price items out. You can find many brides selling or renting the items they used at their wedding so take advantage of all the resources available.

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Wedding Souvenirs For The Couple

My biggest advice when planning your wedding is making it your own. We were fortunate to have our brother-in-law brew us our own beer designed off our favorite flavors. Instead of renting furniture, we purchased some items we could display in our home. The wedding only lasts one day and we wanted to take back our own personal wedding souvenirs. Know every late night and every fear of reciting vows is worth it all. For on your wedding day, you marry your best friend.

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Choose Your Expenses Wisely

Looking back, I would have allocated less money to food as it comprised the highest portion of our budget. It was the most expensive meal of our life and at the end of the day we won’t recall the meal as much as we will remember the photos. Do something different that will have your guests in awe! We provided two signature cocktails with the wine and beer bar. This gave the option of liquor without providing the opportunity to drunkenly fall in the lake.

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