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Oklahoma Peach and Mint Succulent Wedding Day

ranunculu wedding bouquet

Who is looking for some peach and mint wedding inspiration for their up and coming spring wedding? You are in luck because we have one heck of a peach and mint rustic wedding to share with you. All held at the Oklahoma wedding venue, Wings Event Center. As you soon will see, a picturesque wedding venue for your outdoor celebration.

Keep on scrolling for more cute peach and mint wedding ideas, but as always be sure to check out all of them in full gallery here. All captured by Magnolia Adam's Photography.

striped mason jar wedding invites

mint bridesmaid dresses

suspenders and succulent boutonniere

short hair bridal look

Re-plant your Succulents

Replanting succulents from cake toppers and boutonnieres: Jillian opted to replant her succulents that had been used in the cake and the men's boutonnieres. Succulents are extremely hardy and easy to regrow, so she grabbed some old candle glasses and replanted them.
To replant cut succulents you will need to remove some of the bottom leaves until a half inch of the stem is exposed. Also, remove and flowers, the plant will need all of it's energy to grow! Prepare your soil for the plants then gently push the stems of the succulents down into the soil. Make sure each plant has plenty of room (approx. one inch between plants). The bottom leaves that you remove can also be planted if they are firm, just push the cut end into the soil. Make sure to keep the soil moist and hope for new growth will occur in 4 to 6 weeks.

peach and mint stars guestbook

love quote aisle decor

DIY cake topper and stands

Jillian is a crafting guru. She noticed that Etsy had a lot of beautiful cake toppers for sale, but she was unwilling to pay the price for a topper that would most likely get tossed. So she grabbed some unfinished wooden pieces from Hobby Lobby, glued them together, painted them and voila. His and Hers cake toppers! They used cut wood from trees as cake stands and old frames refashioned and repainted to match their colors. They hung mason jars with tea lights in them around their reception area.

teacup succulent centerpieces

blush and mint chevron cake

Don't hesitate to catch all the details in motion here, video by Vanderburg Creative.


Keep reading to see a beautiful speech given by the Matron of Honor, it may give some cute ideas to all of you lovely ladies preparing a speech for the groom to be!

Matron of Honor speech (since she knew the groom, John liked reading, she wrote him a story):
John, let me tell you a story!
There once was a girl named Jillian Nicole Kieschnick, she had the bluest eyes you could ever see and the biggest, most joyful heart you could ever encounter. She used to be called a giggle box instead of a jack in the box, because sometimes all she could do was laugh & laugh. She once used all her saved up birthday & Christmas money just to buy me a Karoke set for my birthday. She is passionate, a burning one in worship and an amazing friend to anyone she meets.
But what you may not know is how much she has prayed for you, waited for you and at all cost, sacrificed for you!
You see Jillian never settled for anything other than what she knew she wanted and deserved. To prove this, just time how long it takes her to order a meal in a drive thru... Ok just kidding, but seriously she always had a way of making sure she ordered just the right thing.
Jillian was ambitious, she always had a purpose and a plan. Her posture was always eye to eye with her King and knee to ground in moments of question. She would often ask her King when she could stand up and give her heart away. He would continue to keep her gaze and say, "Wait, just wait my beauty, my bride".
At times her family and friends would watch her waiting, still kneeling, still seeking, letting her gaze be taken by none other. It was no easy request her King made, because it required much patience and much devotion. But each time she would ask, he would respond, "Wait, just wait, my beauty, my bride." Her heart continued to grow longing for that one love she could pass her heart to that would truly know how to carry her heart as well as Her king would.
Until, FINALLY, one day she got a different answer. Her petition to her King was small, but loud. (Just like her clapping) And as her King gently raised her chin to stand and with locked gaze, he said, "It's time, no more waiting, He's here, he has come for you, he's what I have kept for you; I've taught him how to hold something very important to me and he's been refined. His name is John and he too has held my gaze and waited for you.
As Jillian stood up to lock eyes with John, her King spoke one last final word, "No more waiting, my beauty, my bride". So today, I not only have the privilege of honoring my sister & speaking a blessing over her on this in fathomable moment but witnessing one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever seen! You see, this story doesn't end, we just got to enjoy a beautiful chapter and be introduced to a new main character , John! Stay the main character, run the course, and enjoy getting to wake up every day to the most incredible woman you'll ever hold. Take care of my baby sister, hold her heart with your life, because it is worth far more than rubies or gold.

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