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No Travel Destination Wedding in Georgia

Rustic White Photography

When two easy-going people plan a destination wedding, the big day tends to be supremely relaxed and closer to home then originally planned. Montaluce Winery & Estates is a lovely winery in northern Georgia that feels more like the Tuscan country side.
Its relaxed and serene atmosphere, was the ideal place for Stephanie and Tony's no travel destination wedding in Georgia. To see more of this beautiful day captured by Rustic White Photography you can visit the full gallery here. Be sure to keep reading to hear how Stephanie found and fell in love with her wedding dress! It really is a must read.

lotus pod and white bouquet

formal organic wedding invitation

white wedding shoes and glam wedding makeup

curley updo and back showcasing wedding dress

Montaluce Winery and Estates

The Most Intimate Of Ceremonies

From the Bride: Our vows were the most important part of our wedding day to us. We decided upon a wedding of just immediate family. When most people think of immediate family, they still think of a wedding of around 20-30 people. Not us, our wedding included 6 people. These people had loved and raised and shaped us into the two individuals we had become.

intimate little wedding ceremony

We love how intimate and beautiful their Georgia ceremony was. Simply perfect and elegant.


A Destination Wedding Without Traveling

We had always thought we would have a destination wedding, but the more we looked into it, there was too much planning and logistics involved. I had stumbled upon Montaluce when going pumpkin picking with some girlfriends a couple years back. It was such a beautiful place and made me feel like I was a million miles away. This seemed to be the perfect place for us. We would be able to stay in Georgia, but feel like we had had a destination wedding.

rustic winery cellar wedding reception

simple wedding cake from Tulip

Read on to see how much this no travel destination wedding in Georgia cost and to hear how the Bride found her perfect dress. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

The Dress:

Our vision for our day was starting to come together. I knew the dress needed to reflect the intimacy and romantic nature of our wedding. Something simple and classic. I had an image in my head, but could not find a single dress in a magazine or online to reflect it. I started to worry about shopping for a dress as I knew there were so many out there. My mother and I went to a small bridal store near where I grew up in NJ. After five gowns, I was very discouraged and ready to leave. Nothing seemed to capture what I was looking for. I wanted that moment that everyone always talked about when tears would come to your eyes and the world would stand still. I wasn’t even coming close to that in what I had tried on. A final attempt was made by the shop by pulling a dress from the back. The minute I put the dress on, I knew that there was something special about it. My fears were brushed aside and I started to feel like a bride.Budget Breakdown:
Dress: $1200
Tux rental: $200
Flowers: $750
Hair: $150
Makeup: $125
Shoes: $70
Ceremony Space & Set-up: $250
Officiant: $475
Groom's Cake: $90
Photographer: $2800
Reception/Dinner: approx. $2000

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