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No Chip Nails For Your Wedding Day from Dashing Diva


Both of us totally love to get our nails done and when I heard about Dashing Diva Nail Salons I had to share this with you. First off they only have a few actual locations, but I am sure more will be popping up in the future. I love the modern design and the clean aesthetics of the salons. Even though they only have a few locations, you can order all of their goodies online. What was most attractive to us is their exclusive formula free of Formaldehyde, Toulen and other chemicals. Their patented ingredient RESISTS CHIPPING & CRACKING. This totally caught my eye due to the fact that acrylics drive me nuts and I hate when my finger nails have a huge chip in the them the next day. I heard the polish lasts 2 weeks. I am going to order one of their nail polishes and I will keep you updated.


lovely nail photo from www.luphia.co.uk

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