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Niket + Mira | South Asian Wedding Flair in Chicago

Niket + Mira WeddingMix Wedding Video Service

This post is written by the fabulous Chicago South Asian wedding planner, Nirav Amin. All photos were captured from the WeddingMix photo video app.

Around the time my friends, Niket and Mira, were getting married, I came across a product called WeddingMix, produced by Storymix Media. Most of what they produced had to do with more westernized weddings, but I thought it’d be cool to try it out at this event.


The wedding started very early in the morning, both Niket and Mira got ready for their big day. Wedding Mix allowed capturing moments, such as Niket getting ready and presenting himself to the family. As Niket arrived at the wedding hall, the Baraat took place in full form. The baraat, or when the groom arrives, was full of color, music and dancing.

Note the scene where Niket’s brother Shaan, and how his excitement glows on his brother’s special day. Mira’s arrival was as royal as you could imagine. Every single person stood as she was carried in on a “Doli” or carriage for her entrance. Capturing the couple as well as their friends while they stood on the Mandap, or altar, was definitely a plus point about the WeddingMix App. Usually this is not something photographers can capture at stage level.
Just like any wedding, this is one of the most fun events, but with Niket and Mira’s added style, it became a reception to remember. Niket and Mira shared some special moments with their bridal party, doing a closed champagne toast and then taking the time to come out and enjoy their guests at cocktail hour, which is a rare occurrence. The rest of the evening was filled with food, drinks, song, and dance, leading all the way up to a very special moment at the end, where everyone joined in the dance floor and had the couple center stage as they closed out a great weekend.

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