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Navy and White Burlap wedding Under 10k

woodsy wedding

How do you keep your budget under 10k? Recycle of course! Stephanie and David's rustic recycled wedding in CA is chalk full of great ways to create some fab wedding details with items you would normally just toss in the trash.
Keep reading to learn how they cut cost with their wedding favors and hear about all the personal touches they put together for their big day. As always don't for get to see more navy and white burlap wedding ideas in the full gallery here snapped by Kimberly Carlson Photography & Lori Kearney Photography.

simple bouquet of white dasies

flower girls

groom and his men

From the Bride

When we were planning our wedding, we had a very strict budget ($9,000) so we had to DIY a lot of our wedding, and it was the perfect day.

Most of the decorations we had were recycled things that we collected. Our centerpieces included burlap table squares (which we cut ourselves), lace doilies that a friend had given to us from their wedding, wood rounds from a tree that my dad cut down in their backyard, old fashion railroad lanterns that were borrowed from a friend as well as some that I had myself, and recycled canned food cans that we wrapped burlap and lace around and added fresh daisies to the day of the wedding.

here comes the bride sign

burlap and lace wrapped coffee can floral arrangement

rustic outdoor wedding ceremony details

white and yellow bridesmaid bouquet

Wedding Advice

Stay true to what you and your fiancé want. If you want it outdoors, do it… if you don’t want a bouquet or garter toss, don’t! And don’t sweat the small stuff, like your chairs, plates and/or napkins. In the end people aren’t going to remember it anyway! What people will remember is how you made them feel and the love that you share. Our guests look back at our wedding and say that it was genuine, sweet and one of the most fun weddings they have even been to. And all we did different was walk to the beat of our own drum, made it our own with our own unique fingerprint and think about the kind of wedding we would want to attend.

welcome sign and guestbook table

tin can wrapped burlap and lace

rustic outdoor reception decor

rustic wedding party table

daisys and burlap wedding cake

Keep reading to learn how Stephanie and David cut cost with their wedding favors and to hear just how they personalized their big day!

Favors: This was one of my favorite things and something we came up with totally on our own. We wanted a favor that was really special and something that would remind people of us and really be something we loved. David and I are photographers and wanted something photo related but didn't really want a photo booth since that would put us over our budget and it’s a very trendy thing right now. Instead what we did was have a “Meet-N-Greet” with us right after the ceremony. David and I went over near the walkway to the reception to a really gorgeous spot and took photos with everyone as they headed up to the reception. After our honeymoon, we looked through the photos, edited them and mailed them to each guest with their thank you note. It was an extremely affordable gift and everyone we have talked to loved it!

Other personal touches: My dress was designed and custom made from a local seamstress as were the bridesmaids dresses.

We had David’s grandfather preform the ceremony. Instead of a ring bearer pillow, we used a favorite childhood stuffed animal of mine, Mr. Lion. We got him a little tuxedo and everything, but the best part is that our ring bearer wouldn't hold him so he carried him down the aisle by his tail!

Because of how the venue is set up and my dad having really bad knees, I knew that he wasn't going to be able to walk me down this huge hill to the ceremony site. Instead, my dad drove me to the back of aisle in a Jeep (my dad owned a wrecking yard for years and I used to work with him. Jeeps are a special bond that he and I share. It was supposed to be his classic 1976 CJ-7, but the day before, as we were practicing coming down the hill, it caught on fire and was completely totaled! Talk about something going wrong!), then walked me down the aisle to my groom. He then surprised us all with the sweetest speech to David right before giving me away and made everyone in attendance cry.

David and I decided to write our vows. It was really special to put our love in our own words and share that in front of our family and friends. We released two white doves representing our grandparents who had passed away right at the end of the ceremony.

The bridal party rode into the reception on the steam train, which was the first time the guests got to see the train. We then opened it up for the guests to ride for free.

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