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Native American Indian Wedding


Some ideas to throwing a Native American Indian Wedding according to ehow.com

1. Determine those customs and traditions that have meaning to you, and make them a part of your special day.

2. Select a site to hold the ceremony. Some possibilities include chapels or other spiritual places, historical landmarks, Indian monuments, or reservations.

3. Ask someone to play an Indian Love Flute. Legend says that this flute, which is carved out of cedar wood, holds the power of attraction and was used to enhance courtship. Buy and Indian Love Flute here

4. Prepare decorative baskets to hold corn, which is a symbol of fertility. This is presented to the couple during the ceremony. Buy a traditional Indian wedding basket here

5. Use woven willow baskets to hold cornmeal for blessings or prayers.

6. Direct the opening of the ceremonial baskets always to the east, since this is a sacred direction where no harm shall pass.

7. Follow a Native American Church tradition of using drums containing peyote tea. (Peyote is a type of cactus known for its mind-altering properties.) The drums are played during the ceremony, following which guests drink the tea.
Might want to tell your guests that the tea is mind-altering before serving.
Post Credits Indian Inspired Views The feather photo via Oh Happy Day Flickr sponsored the tepee, the clouds and the dream catcher necklace

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