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Name Birdie + John Partridge Photography

Name Birdie + John Partridge Photography

Name Birdie Giveaway Congratulations Tiffany! “I haven’t started looking into the process, but i feel like there are so many things that will have to be changed, its going to be a bit of a nightmare. I bookedmarked the site so when the day gets here I will be good to go, unless i win, and then i would be eternally greatful!”

Congratulations Teresa! “Hello, this is a fantastic service to be giving away! I’ll be getting married in October and my new hubby really, really wants me to change my name…if I win this, I guess I’ll have no choice…”

Congratulations Betty! “I would love to win the namebirdie because it would save me time and money! This is my first marriage (at age 34) and my fiances second. We have custody of his 6 and 7 year-old daughters. We have lived together for over two years. I sure would love to have a little treat for myself that will save me a bit of time since I never seem to have enough both as a full-time mom, state employee going through a furlough crisis and planning my wedding! Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!” :)

Surprise Boudoir Giveaway CONGRATULATIONS ALISON! “Oh I would love to do this for my fiance! He would think this was the best gift ever!!”:)

If you are a winner, email jocey@weddingchicks with your info!

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