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Makeup: An Evening Bride, Expert Advice

ME, MA, and NH Wedding Makeup Artist, Joanne McDonough of Joya Beauty, a member of my Kate Parker Wedding, shares some expert advice. Each and every wedding is unique, right down to the time it takes place. Depending on the lighting, makeup artists may choose different colors and styles. Joanne McDonough gives us advice on how to perfect the look for an evening wedding. Check out the advice below and how she customized an evening bride's makeup! Also, be sure to click here for more expert advice articles on my Kate Parker Wedding!

Time of Shoot: 4:30pm Bride: Sue Hair:Hair that Moves - Lena Hartford Photographer: Brea McDonald Photography

Sue's look needed to be more dramatic since she is representing a bride getting married in the evening.  This look can support high intensity and a smokey eye looks fabulous in candlelight.



I started with the new "Dolce & Gabbana, The Makeup" quad of color...Ice and Smoke. I took black eyeliner, of course, and smudged it into the inner lash line for a sultry look.



Sue's base was airbrushed for a flawless finish and dusted with a custom mineral finishing powder to set. Contour and highlights look great in evening light. Don't be afraid of bronzer to create definition and a stronger high color on the cheeks. Anything less would wash out and appear faded in photos.



Sue's lip color is also a Joya custom color that I call "Material Girl"...a beautiful deep, rosy pink with just the right amount of blue to make those teeth sparkle in the candlelight.


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