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You’ll never believe that this Italian villa is actually in Oklahoma!

Styed editorial at Italian inspired wedding venue in Oklahoma

Inspired by the vibrant essence of spring awakening, the editorial featuring Angela and Gabriel at the Philbrook Museum of Art emanates an enchanting tale of love amidst nature's rejuvenation. Drawing from the Philbrook's lush botanical gardens and historic charm, the shoot captures the essence of romance intertwined with the season's blooming beauty. The couple's chemistry amidst the picturesque backdrop lends a timeless elegance to the editorial, inviting readers into a narrative of love and renewal.

Keep reading to see how Traveling Weddings With Taylor brought vibrant pops of color into the Italian inspired venue. All captured beautifully by Sierra Ellis Photography.

Elegant vintage inspired wedding invitations with florals

Vintage inspired fresh fruit details for elegant weddings Watercolor vintage illustrations for elegant wedding details

Bold, textured Naeem Khan couture

Angela's Naeem Khan dress captivated with its sophisticated design, featuring a high neckline that exuded timeless elegance. The delicate floral details delicately woven into the fabric added a touch of romantic allure, complementing the spring-inspired theme of the editorial shoot. With its alluring open back gracefully accentuating Angela's figure, the dress radiated a sense of grace and enchantment, capturing the essence of modern sophistication with a hint of ethereal charm.

Bride in Italian villa inspired wedding venue in Oklahoma

Elegant bride in avant garde designer wedding dress Modern floral textured wedding dress for elegant wedding

“To pull off this look, a bride could start by selecting a gown that complements the vibrant and modern aesthetic, perhaps opting for a sleek silhouette with subtle embellishments. Incorporating bold color-blocking florals into the decor scheme, along with fresh fruits like strawberries and papaya, would tie together the theme seamlessly. Lastly, embracing natural beauty and effortless elegance in hair and makeup choices [this bride used Bridal Pros] would harmonize with the overall aesthetic, completing the look with grace and sophistication.”Sierra Ellis Photography

Bold and colorful wedding bouquet basket inspiration

Modern and fashionable bride fashion and dress ideas

Modern groom in unique designer textured wedding tuxedo

Modern wedding fashion for timeless and elegant couples

An Italian villa venue in Oklahoma

The Philbrook stands as a testament to timeless beauty, with its historic allure seamlessly blending with the lush splendor of its gardens. Every corner of the Philbrook's grounds tells a story of botanical marvel, where vibrant blooms and verdant foliage create an enchanting backdrop for any occasion. From the meticulously manicured lawns to the serene pathways adorned with floral treasures, the Philbrook's gardens offer a captivating oasis of tranquility and charm that evoke the aesthetic of an Italian villa. If you're looking for a venue that radiates European vibes without requiring a passport - this is the destination for you!

Italian and European inspired wedding venues in USA

Romantic bride and groom portraits at villa wedding

Elegant vintage statues at Italian villa inspired wedding venue Colorful rainbow floral arrangements for cascading steps

Elegant Italian villa inspired wedding venue in Oklahoma

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Timeless yet modern bridal fashion for editorial wedding Dreamy editorial black and white wedding photography in Oklahoma

Romantic and bold wedding fashion for villa wedding

Pastel blooms filled the garden reception

The florals by The Flower Shop Pryor and decor by Royal Event Rentals embraced the essence of spring with a vibrant display of colors and textures, adorning the venue with a whimsical elegance. Lush blooms in shades of blush, coral, and lavender cascaded from rustic baskets, adding a touch of natural charm to the setting. From intricately designed centerpieces to delicate floral arrangements, every detail exuded a sense of romance and enchantment, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for Angela and Gabriel's celebration at the Philbrook.

Rainbow pastel floral reception table design ideas

Romantic and modern wedding reception menu and setting

Pastel color blocked centerpieces with fresh fruit

"My favorite design element [styled by Traveling Weddings With Taylor], the color blocking florals on the head table, added a striking visual contrast and modern flair to the reception space. The inclusion of fresh fruits like strawberries and papaya not only enhanced the vibrant color palette but also infused the tablescape with a delightful touch of freshness and sophistication. This thoughtful combination of bold floral arrangements and natural elements created a dynamic and visually captivating focal point, elevating the overall ambiance of the event to new heights." - Sierra Ellis Photography

Vibrant and colorful wedding reception table setting Pink wedding goblets for chic modern wedding reception

Pastel rainbow color blocked wedding reception tables

Bride and groom's vintage inspired grand exit with classic car

Thank you to Sierra Ellis Photography for sharing this gorgeous editorial! Be sure to check out the full gallery below for even more inspiration. 

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