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Live Music and DJ/MC combined is the way to go for your wedding music!


Here's just one of the four great live bands JSH Music Productions can provide for your wedding in Southern CA. I combine excellent live musicians with my top-notch professional DJ/MC services all on my top-of-the-line JBL/Crown PRX500 series PA system for crystal clear sound at any volume:

www.jblpro.com This audio recording was just finished in mid-January and the pictures are from our last year and a half or so of live gigs.
Thanks to Suthi at Picotte Weddings for the best of the images!  www.picottephotography.com Audio recording and mixing was done by the excellent Kent Verderico at Blue Ribbon Studios in LA.   www.blueribbonstudios.com This band features 5 alternating lead/backing singers (4 male and 1 female), 2 great guitarists, keyboards, bass and myself on drumset. You can hear more of our demos, including live recordings, see pictures and our current setlist at my website:   www.jshmusic.com Enjoy!

~JON, for JSH Music Productions

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