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Little Wedding By The Bay

wedding dog with floral collar

How adorable is this furry little flower girl? But she's not the only fun thing about this little wedding by the bay. Keep scrolling to discover the great bridesmaid gifts that Greta gave all of her girls. And don't miss their classy wedding ride!
There is always lots more to be seen in the full gallery, so don't forget to check out all of the details captured by J Wiley Photography.

nautical themed wedding invitation

nautical themed bridesmaid gifts with non-toxic animal-friendly nail polish Mint Polish

Flower Knowledge is Power

From the Bride:Study your flowers before your meeting with the florist. I was under the impression that I would meet with my florist in some sort of nursery or botanical garden, such was not the case. I had no idea that it is standard to meet them in an office-like setting. Had I known in advance, I would have studied up on particular names of flowers a bit more.

beaded cap sleeve dress by Reem Arca

little chapel wedding

pink and purple bouquet from Poppys Petalworks

pastel bridesmaid ideas

pastel wedding ideas

assorted groomsmen suits

wedding getaway car

Traditionally Non-traditional

Don't get too wrapped up in tradition: My husband and I weren't nuts about a lot of classic wedding traditions, so we decided to disregard ones we did not like. The end result was an event that was uniquely ours.

pink floral arrangements

flower seed wedding favors

Plan a Thank You Speech

I had underestimated how busy we would be during the reception, and my husband and I weren't able to thank everyone individually like we had hoped. I think if we had stood up during dinner to offer our appreciation, it would have been a nice gesture.

flower topped cake by Branching Out Cakes

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