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Let The Greenery Do The Talking At Your Boho Romance Wedding

Let The Greenery Do The Talking At Your Boho Romance Wedding

Everyone could feel the love between Juliane and Corbin as they promised each other a lifetime of respect, love, and happiness at The Colony House in Anaheim, California. An over abundance of emotion was shared this day as the bride, the youngest of five siblings, was getting married and beginning the best journey of her life as she promised her groom forever.

As you fall in love with all the images in the full gallery, styled by Hammers and Lace and photographed by Alysha Miller, you'll understand why it's a great idea to let the greenery do the talking at your boho romance wedding. The flowers designed by Pink Pineapple Florals could not be more perfect. Breathtaking to say the least.

deep red watercolor wedding invites

red and black floral getting ready robes greenery floral crown with ranunculus

cute wedding photography in California

floor length red wedding bridesmaid dresses red white and gray groom look

Lovely Advice For Both The Bride and Groom

From the bride: For brides, if you're having a hard time deciding on whether or not to do a first look, I strongly recommend NO first look. There is something so special about seeing your future husband the first time while walking down that aisle. It's beautiful, and believe it or not there is a true intimacy you feel when you lay eyes on each other. For grooms, after the ceremony but before the reception, take your bride on a two minute walk, have that alone time to just soak in how beautiful she looks, and in that moment tell her whatever comes to your mind.

flower detailing on wedding arch

metal chairs for a boho wedding ceremony cute lace flower girl dresses beautiful floral wedding backdrop

Remember The Things That Really Matter

When you two sit to eat your first meal together as a married couple, glance around at all the beautiful people surrounding you, soak in that moment and realize how blessed your are to have such amazing support for your marriage! To be completely honest, My day was absolutely perfect, everything I could have imagined. If anything did go wrong, I never knew about it. My crew was AWESOME! But if anything does go wrong on your day, try to make the best out of it! Remember you're surrounded by your favorite people, and you just married the person of your dreams!

giant love marquee sign for wedding decor

red and green wedding reception donation wedding favor idea

boho romance wedding sweetheart table

wood wedding sign with hand lettering red and white wedding cupcakes white wedding cake for bride and groom

Great Wedding Budget Advice And Then Some

As we began the design and planning process 1+ year prior to the wedding date, the bride and groom's only request was lets make it "simple." They wanted their wedding to be a representation of who they are as a couple. In fact, we always ask couples their top three priorities for their special day and without any hesitation they said, to say I do, great music, good food, and awesome people. They nailed all of these on the head plus some. Keep reading to see how they made it happen while sticking to their budget!

Weddings these days are scary when it comes to the money part! But don't freak out, you can make a gorgeous wedding happen with a reasonable budget! My husband and I had a goal to keep it under 25k. Here's a little advice on what helped me stay under my budget! We decided to just serve beer and wine for the first 3 hours of the reception, with the option to purchase cocktail drinks. After the three hours were up, people were able to continue to drink but had to purchase them. If you are having a hard time deciding on your wedding favor for your guest and can't seem to want to spend money on something that will more than likely be left on the table, think about donating! We placed a 3x3 card on each plate expressing how thankful we were to have them there celebrating us, we also explained what we did with the money. We donated to the families of the Dallas Police Department, who had lost loved ones in the line of duty during 2016. Our meals were very simple. Mexican food (You can't go wrong with some good chips and salsa, Fajita's or chicken tacos!) Catered by 24 Carrots. My decor was simple I wanted a very natural relaxed theme. So I stayed away from a TON of flowers, which helped a lot with pricing. I love simple greenery, greenery is much cheaper than flowers. I placed candles as my center pieces. Candles were from Hobby Lobby (they have great sales all the time!) We brought in our own cake for just the bride and groom, it was small, yet perfect (it was from Vons, I showed them the picture and they made it happen)! We supplied our guest with mini cupcakes! This was perfect for helping to keep the cost down.

More about the big day from the vendors: With her fathers arm locked into Juliane's, not a dry eye in the house as the bride turned the corner and made their way to meet her groom for the first time that day. This couple opted out on the first look but Juliane was adamant about doing a first look with not just her father but her three older brothers as well. Every day that we planned and sat for hours going over even the most "simple" detail is something we will be inspired by forever. Mood boards, design concepts, sketches sent through texts, the entire year of planning couldn't have been more fun and exciting for us. We couldn't thank Juliane and Corbin for allowing us to be one of the biggest parts of their special day. There are always a few recommendations we make to brides and grooms for family photos and one of them is providing a color story/palette for the family to wear so the family photos look amazing and no one is standing out in a lime green dress at a fall wedding. :) The stationary was inspired by watercolor designs in a much simpler format. The details we poured into the invitations and stationary to make the coloring just PERFECT was something we strived in. The design and collaboration with Justine was the best experience. Her personality radiates in her design and skill set. Alysha's eye for capturing the most intimate details is extraordinary. She has the most positive, easy going attitude, and camouflaged into the wedding. It was like you didn't know she was there. As you can see in the images she captured, she ensured the most emotional settings will be remembered forever. (as well as the fun/party ones) The day was filled with a handful of amazing vendors that all worked together to ensure Juliane and Corbin celebrated the most perfect day they way they envisioned. Every vendor loved this couple just as much as the guests at the wedding and couldn't be more excited to be apart of making their dreams come true. The love was definitely felt by all.


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