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Keep Calm Red and Pink Wedding

sunset wedding photography

Our next couple was determined to combat the common advice of "Enjoy your wedding day, it goes by SO FAST." How? By starting the day off right with a quiet little breakfast for two!
With no rush to get places and time to take cute couple photos, this keep calm red and pink wedding day matched these two love birds perfectly. So sweet we can hardly wait to share the rest of the photos from Yaroslav & Jenny Photography with you! Just click here to visit the full gallery.

red pink and green flower arrangement

wedding breakfast

wedding cookies

wedding invitation suite

No Rush Wedding Morning

From the Bride: Many times I heard that a wedding day flies by so fast. We wanted it to be different for us, we decided to get dressed at Vanya's parents' house. They lived in a beautiful house outside the city surrounded by beautiful scenery and a lovely terrace. Without any rush we had our breakfast and enjoyed the morning as we felt relaxed and happy.

wedding dress

wedding shoes and wedding makeup

formal groom look

A Unique Groom Look

Vanya went to ceremony venue to chat with guests after changing into his unique pink jacket. Every one of our guests came up to him and complimented him on it. Some even said “Finally a groom in something other then navy or black.”

outdoor wedding ceremony in red and pink

pink red and white wedding ceremony

wedding owl and pink and pink bouquet

red and pink wedding kiss

wedding rings and flower petal confetti

Lovely Day & Beautiful Memories

To sum up, our whole wedding day was great; The ceremony with real owls, An amazing cover band, a gorgeous cake and a a fun photo shoot with a bright red golf car. Most importantly, we successfully stayed present in every minute of our wedding which will keep it in our memories forever!

flower girls in soft pink

bridal makeup and wedding dress

lattice cake table backdrop with red floral accents

red flowe rtopped wedding cake

Wedding Advice

From the Bride: The only small piece of advice I could give is to try and have a briefing sessions with the photographers to go through the names of people that I want more in my pictures. End of the day, there are always special people that I wanted more attention to and memory of in my wedding pictures.

just married wedding car

red wedding getaway car

Read on to see how much this keep calm red and pink wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

About $20 000 - venue, catering, drinks
$4300 - Photo and video
$300 - a stylist for a bride
$7000 - Entertainment (band, dancers, special effects, etc)
$850 - Print (invitations and other stationary)
$6700 - Decor and flowers
$3000 - fees, logistics, technical support, etc.

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