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An Italian Mountain Elopement for $100 with a “To-Die-For” View

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Naty & Diego eloped to the beautiful Dolomites in Italy. They had been married for 5 years and it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate! Naty put on her own wedding gown & hiking boots, they painted a 'just eloped' sign, and they hiked up the mountains to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Click here for the full gallery of their photos from Nikki Lucy Photography, with the most amazing views, and keep scrolling to hear more about their adventurous Italian elopement!

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An Adventurous Meet-Cute

Natascia is from Italy, and in 2015 she was solo traveling in South America. She met Diego in Salvador de Bahia she when he was working at the hostel where she stayed. She decided to stay in Brazil, and in 2018 they got married in a beautiful ceremony with celebrations in the garden at Diego's parents' home in Brazil.

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A One-of-a-Kind Wedding Dress

Natascia bought her wedding dress secondhand in Brazil and then bought the lace separately, using a tailor customize and bring it together. Technically, her dress is one-of-a-kind! She wanted something simple, easy to walk in, and nothing too "princessy."

For this celebratory elopement, they happily put on their wedding attire again and hiked in the Dolomites where Natascia is originally from. It is easy to see in the pictures that she feels so at home in the mountains.

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They Put in the Work... In Their Marriage and On This Hike!

At the start of their hike, they hand-painted a 'just eloped' sign to hang on their backpack. They helped each other get ready, and they proceeded to hike up to the Cinque Torri, taking in all the beautiful views surrounding it. They exchanged new vows and rings, all while not being able to keep their eyes off of each other, despite the breath-taking views!

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