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An intimate mountain elopement that ended with a Red Rocks concert


Danielle and Erin met through a mutual friend when Danielle was in town from Seattle to surprise her mom for Mother's Day, and Erin - who lived in the area - decided to stop by for one drink. That one drink turned into a few more, and they exchanged numbers. They dated long distance for the first few months until Danielle made the move back to Iowa. Then, one morning while eating breakfast, Danielle surprised Erin with the latest book by Erin's favorite author along with a personalized, engraved bookmark that said "I can't wait to start the next chapter of our lives together. Erin, will you marry me?" The rest, as they say, was history!

Make sure to click here to check out the full gallery, and keep scrolling to see incredible, editorial photography of this couple's special wedding day. The photos are practically out of National Geographic, the setting is so beautiful!

wood carved ring box

leather vow booklets

This couple wasn't afraid to break the mold - after all, no traditions are set in stone!

When Danielle and Erin reached out to their photographer, they both emphasized that they wanted to make their day completely about themselves and remove any unnecessary traditions or stressful events. After a bit of back-and-forth communication, they crafted a beautiful and truly unique wedding day.

For example, the day began with the two of them having a casual breakfast at their Airbnb. Together they helped each other into their wedding attire. They didn’t want a "first look" or to be separate in any way – everything about the morning felt laid back and intimate.

casual braids for wedding

A private, natural setting for photographs and vows made the day that much more intimate

Once the two brides-to-be were dressed, they got in the car with their photographer and headed the short distance to Twin Lakes. Danielle and Erin chose to say their vows lakeside with the beautiful mountains in the background. Their vows were simple, emotional, and true to them.

lakefront wedding ceremony

meadow flowers wedding bouquet wedding on a lake

we eloped custom wedding sign

A pair of blue jays offered this couple a symbol of loyalty and protection

After the vows and rings were exchanged (and the mountain scenery taken in!) they traveled to a private meadow where they shared a private dance to "Falling Like the Stars" by James Arthur. This was such a magical moment– there was no one around except two blue jays. Blue jays are loyal birds that are loving and protective of their mates, so there couldn’t possibly be a better or more symbolic wedding guest!


meadow elopement

They sprinkled sentimental moments throughout the day to honor their relationship

After their dance in the meadow, they headed up the mountain pass where Danielle and Erin had a champagne toast and shared a cake picnic. It was important to them to recreate one of their first photos together: them sitting together on a park bench. On the way back to the car, they were treated to the most epic sunset cresting over the Colorado mountains. From there, their photographer parted ways with the couple so they could cherish some special moments to themselves. The next day, the couple ended their Colorado wedding weekend by seeing their favorite musician - Brandi Carlisle - at the iconic Red Rocks concert venue.

elopement picnic ideas

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Advice from the photographer

"These two were such a pleasure to photograph, and their day was such a wonderful reminder that your wedding day should be all about you and your partner. Forget the stress and overwhelming elements, and seize the non-traditional!"

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