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I Do Venues: Villagio Inn and Spa Breakaway from Tradition

I Do Venues: Villagio Inn and Spa Breakaway from Tradition

Photography by: Jessamyn Harris


Wedding planners are a rare breed. What other job lets you be ultra creative, but also requires that you be uber organized, as well as insightful? If you think about it, we basically help complete strangers plan the most important day of their lives. It takes a unique talent to be able to recognize an individuals likes and dislikes, pin-point what makes them tick, and then wrap it all up into a killer party that is completely reflective of their personality.
Yep, it's not an easy job.
Alicia Falango of Alicia K Designs is unusually talented. But her clear claim to fame is her insight into her client's unspoken wishes. Her clients often talk about how it feels as if Alicia has known them all of their lives. She completely "gets them." Recently, Alicia had a the opportunity to work with the amazing Jessamyn Harris on an unusual wedding.
The theme was breaking away from tradition. I (Alicia Falango) was given the challenge to create a "traditional wedding with nothing traditional," to which I first responded with "Huh?" After discussing the idea at length, it was obvious that the clients loved the idea of marriage and the usual pomp and circumstance. But as fun, laid-back people, they wanted to put their own personal spin on the event.
This quirky wedding was all about the unique and unusual details we used to make it personal. As the guests arrived, they were ushered to their seats by lovely usherettes - wonderfully shod in a cool pair of vintage roller derby skates. They literally rolled you down aisle. So much fun! To tie in the car collection, we used hub caps for the platters and place card holders. The table numbers were designed as vintage hood ornaments and the candy bar had a great collection of miniature antique cars interspersed among the jars. A great chalk artist made a mural on the brick wall, paying tribute to the theme. Having addressed their individual personalities, we also incorporated several things that defined them as a couple. The couple owned a great pair of dogs. We went beyond just a clever bow tie, and donned them in a complete tuxedo. Neither the bride nor groom have a sweet tooth, but they did both share a love of aged cheeses. So instead of a traditional cake, we displayed three enormous wheels of amazing cheese - tiered to resemble a more traditional cake. Magnificent!
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