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I Do Venues: Golden Gate Club in San Francisco

I Do Venues: Golden Gate Club in San Francisco

Photography By: Ars Magna Studios


Do you remember when you were a kid and all the great books you read were alive with color and frivolity? As we mature, we often take a more serious look at the world, seeing things in muted shades rather than the bright and robust colors we loved as children. I (Alicia) love when my clients bring in an object for their inspiration - especially when it is something that takes them back to a time remembered.
Being from San Francisco, I was thrilled when a client brought in a vintage children's book, "This is San Francisco." The colors jumped off the page! We immediately agreed on a vibrant color palette of teal with jewel colors, which matched many of the illustrations in the book.
The design began with flowers. The wedding party each carried a different flower in a different color, while the bride carried an ensemble of all the colors. We chose fun and lively flowers in jewel tones, such as calla lilies, dahlias, crespida, and kangaroo paw for both the reception displays and the ceremony flowers.
I wanted to keep the children's book theme alive so we chose cutouts for the tables. Using vintage paper and wallpaper, we made the cutouts for the tables ourselves. The bride and groom wanted long banquet tables so we created a long running arrangement that consisted of different vases and flowers, candles and paper cutouts.
Some more fun details to bring out the child in everyone included cookies and milk. What bedtime story doesn't require cookies and milk beforehand? The bedtime snack came after the cupcakes, giving us a great assortment of sweet treats.
This amazing wedding celebration was originally featured on I Do Venues with photography by the talented Ars Magna Studios. If you'd like to see more of ARS Magna Studios' work featured on our blog, or want more information about the Golden Gate Club - Click Here!

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