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I do Venues ~ Auberge du Soleil ~ Entertainment

I do Venues ~ Auberge du Soleil ~ Entertainment

Photography By: Rosemarie Lion


Auberge du Soleil is an exceptional venue at which to offer a few playful notes into your entertainment. A string quartet works beautifully for the ceremony, as does any acoustic soloist. If you are hosting your ceremony on the deck, the soft sounds of a French-style jazz ensemble create a welcoming sound. The light music will harmoniously blend into the scenery as the soft notes seem to disappear into the canyon below.
The interior spaces at Auberge are charming and well-suited for a small ensemble of one or two pieces. Alternately, a DJ can play softer selections over dinner followed by more dance-worthy tunes once the festivities begin.
The inn prides itself on its refined yet casual style. Because of this, only acoustic music is allowed outside on the deck and in its courtyards. Amplified music is allowed only in Auberge's interior spaces, and time restrictions are enforced in order to respect the resort's other guests.

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