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How To Write and Officiate A Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremony

How To Write and Officiate A Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremony

Have you invited a cherished friend or relative to officiate your wedding ceremony?  Often a guest celebrant feels flattered that he or she has been asked to officiate the wedding, but then wonders––How do I conduct a wedding ceremony?!Well, I’m the answer to the question “now what do I do?”

I’m a wedding officiant and author of the e-book “How To Officiate A Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremony.”  Over the last twenty years I’ve celebrated more than one thousand non-denominational, cross-cultural, inter-faith ceremonies.

In a one-on-one coaching session, I take your guest celebrant through the steps of writing and delivering a ceremony personalized for you.Guided by your vision for the ceremony, I show your friend or relative:

  • How to personalize the various moments in a ceremony
  • How to involve your guests and wedding party
  • How to incorporate cultural traditions
  • How to organize for flow and energy
  • How to speak with confidence

Your celebrant will understand how to officiate a ceremony that is traditional enough in structure to make guests comfortable, yet contemporary in word and substance.
Grounded in their love for you, your officiant will be able to offer you a ceremony that will serve as a touchstone for your life together.

A one-hour coaching session + book is normally $175. 

Mention "Wedding Chicks" and get it all for $97.

If your guest officiant lives in Los Angeles we can meet in person OR if they are out-of-town via phone/Skype.

For more information on my book and coaching services, please visit: http://ceremonymadesimple.com

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