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Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin Texas


This January the Hotel Cecilia in Austin Texas opened. Located in Austin's hip South Congress Avenue. Filled with hip accents, the electric blue lounge set off nicely by a white taxidermy peacock is hip and glamorous. Some of the other photos where snagged from desiretoinspire.net, who has an amazing home decor site.


The above wedding photo was taken byjakeholtblog.com!


No one's naming names, but the hotel guestbook already includes plenty that you've seen on a marquee. It's a crowd that understandably prefers hanging out to going out. According to Dallas's News. The Citro├źn above will eventually will be put into service as the 14-room property's official ride, but currently it resides inside the front gate until it has been restored. Would not mind taking a ride in that.



Each room has its own turntable, and there's a collection of vinyl at the front desk. Guests and friends continually donate to the collection, which shelves everything from vintage jazz to Donovan, ELO and the Byrds. This would definitley make a memorable wedding venue. If you are looking for something stylish and fun in the Austin area look no further we found your venue, Hotel Cecilia.

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