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Handmade Wedding In Northern Spain

wedding in Spain

It is always fun for us to see weddings in another country. Today we travel all the way to town of San Pelayo de Montija in the North of Spain in the province of Burgos. San Pelayo is beautiful, rustic, and has a population of twenty people, so when you see all the details that went into Laura and Iñigo's wedding you will be amazed.
Their wedding was all about being comfortable and carefree and is full of unique touches that guaranteed their 200 guests would have a great time! See all the handmade wedding details in this Northern Spain wedding in the full gallery here. Captured by Bikini Birdie.

peach flower girl dresses

dried flower wedding bouquet

wedding ceremony processionalthroughsmallspanishtown

From Bikini Birdie:
Laura and Iñigo decided to get married in Laura's family town of San Pelayo de Montija in the North of Spain in the province of Burgos. San Pelayo is beautiful, rustic, and has a population of twenty people. With no vendors, venues, or much infrastructure, this was a logistical feat for wedding planner Indara of El Sofa Amarillo. She and her team put on a huge (200+guests) wedding in a field in the middle of nowhere outside of San Pelayo. Indara and the team came in a week before the wedding to prepare, look for rustic decor within the belongings of the bride's family and the surroundings and handle the logistics of this super wedding.

The small church in the town was transformed by the beautiful flowers and rustic decoration by the team. All of the guests could not fit inside the tiny church and about half stayed outside during the ceremony cheering and waiting for the bride and groom.

church wedding ceremony

wedding aisle decor ideas

church wedding ceremony

church wedding in Spain

rice toss at wedding

getaway car in a classic mini cooper

After the ceremony the bride and groom left in a classic Mini car and the guests walked to the wedding venue just outside of the small village. There was lemonade on the way to quench their thirst. At the cocktail hour there was lots of traditional Spanish rustic food all elegantly presented. Guests played yard games, took Polaroid photos on a giant couch made of hay, and mingled with friends and family.

hand carved signs on tree stumps

lemonade stand

rustic lemonade stand

wedding sign in Spanish

wedding guests

handmade coat rack

handmade coat rack

make buttons at weddings


palette tables and hay benches

Then a formal lunch was served in the tent. There were lots of beautiful details and fun surprises from the guests. ¡Vivan los novios!

tent wedding

escort cards hanging from hay barrel

rustic table decor ideas

easy wedding centerpiece ideas

easy wedding centerpiece ideas

wedding reception

rustic dessert table

pastel dessert table

handmade signs

fingerprint firework guestbook ideas

diy polaroid photobooth ideas

photo booth ideas

From the Bride:Would I have done something differently? The answer is definitely no, everything was perfect. After the wedding, you might wish you had said or done something differently but, deep inside, you know what you did is what you had to do. I always wanted my dress, my hairstyle, my bouquet or my shoes to be as comfortable as possible. I think being comfortable was the best decision I made.

bikini birdie photography

monogram made of lights

Read on to see how much this simple Spanish wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Regarding my budget, I can't tell you much. I never thought of a budget, maybe because I always thought my wedding day was going to happen only once in my lifetime so budget was not a priority. I can say I thought a lot about the dress. I think a bride is always beautiful, it's unusual when she isn't, but that doesn't depend on how much the dress costs. I preferred to be able to spend more on a good meal, improve the decorations, favors for our guests, a jazz band, hiring my wedding planner Indara from El Sofa Amarillo and making everything much more beautiful instead of spending a lot of money on a dress I won't wear again. Everyone has their opinion and their priorities and mine was to have my guests enjoy every single moment. I didn't think much about the price of the complements, but I chose things I would be able to wear again. My dress cost $1200, my shoes $270, my bouquet $200 and my headpiece $175. I don't regret anything I did or anything I bought, I think it was the most beautiful day in my life and I know it was a very special day for our guests too, and that's what we wanted.

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