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Funky Finds Turned Into Surprising Centerpieces

brooch bouquet

Amy and Jeff made it their mission to express their true colors through everything on their beautiful Autumn wedding day. This meant including their adorable French Bull dog, hand crafting the bridal party bouquets, and embarking on numerous antique store scavenger hunts to find the numerous pieces that went into making their stunning centerpieces.
You will want to see more of this wedding, that's a promise! So check out the full gallery here, to see all of the gorgeous images that Stephanie N. Baker captured that day!

tweed suit groom

brooch bouquet

from the bride

Some advice for future brides, make sure to talk to your wedding party about expectations ahead of time ensuring they know what is important to you and what isn’t. Many of the bridesmaids and groomsmen from our wedding have their own families who traveling away from home to a resort for the wedding I didn't do a great job in letting them know what was mandatory, which is important to be clear to optimize everyone's fun!

upcycled old door wedding backdrop

babys breath wreath on door

outdoor fall wedding ceremony with wedding dog

We are so thankful to have had such an amazing wedding. As for things we would have done differently. I would have had the wedding recorded as there is so much already we don't remember. I get weepy thinking about the event and can't believe how often we look at the wedding album and the wedding digital pics, I can't help but think that a video of the day would be regularly watched. Having also had our first child, I want him to see his parents and their commitment to the family we have created.

chess piece ecort cards and coat of arms welcome sign

cute little wedding favor boxes

steal worthy idea

I also spent most of my free time in the summer before the wedding making our bouquets, collecting garage sale antiques for decoration. This was so much fun and I have great memories of the combing for goodies with my mom, my sister, and my best friends.This is one steal worthy idea that sounds like a blast, especially if you love antiquing and have friends or family that share that love! It may take a while to gather all the items you may need so start early and just stay open minded. This is key when thrifting! Who knows what you may run across, but it might be something unexpected and perfect for your big day.

antique bell and vase found by the bride and her mom

assorted centerpiece elements

eclectic vintage centerpieces

As for wedding budget, we were working with a 25,000 dollar budget. We were lucky enough to have a lot of help from family- the majority of this was consumed in the food/drink venue costs. We splurged on a great photographer and the most expensive photography package and saved by using lots of dried flower elements and a less detailed cake.

embroidered mr and mrs seat signs

bride and groom forks

book cake table decor

hydrangea and book topped wedding cake

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