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Find Out What Happens When 2 Vegans Decide To Tie The Knot In Italy

wedding couple in the Italian countryside

Getting married can be tough. Getting married and uniting multiple groups of people from around the world can be even tougher... but what are you going to feed them all? Oh, you're vegan?! Scratch that, this is going to be impossible. Ha, just kidding, we love all our couples and their unique lifestyles, and Jumann and Luca are no exception. So keep scrolling to find out what happens when 2 vegans decide to tie the knot in Italy! 

Spoiler! We love this wedding, and we think you will too, so incase you were wondering, yes there is plenty more to see thanks to the talents of Yulia Longo and Fotogravina. You can see all of their gorgeous photos when you visit our full gallery here

a little boho chic Italian wedding ceremony

tying the knot

happy bride pink and red wedding bouquet bridesmaids with mismatched bouquets and dresses

flower confetti cones for after the "i dos" just married

Please Pass The Vegetables

Jumaan and Luca both live in the UK and their dream was to get married in Puglia, where Luca, being Italian, has a lot of family members, and where everything is made to make the best wedding ever. Both of them being vegan, Jumaan and Luca opted for an all vegan menu for themselves and almost one hundred guests, who came to this amazing region from different parts of the world: the UK, Lebanon, Nigeria, Dubai and many more destinations. 

Masseria Fulcignano near a picturesque town of Galatone became a rustic yet charming backdrop for their multicultural wedding with lots of vibrant colors and sounds. Being an all vegan wedding both Jumaan and Luca wished to use all the natural elements for decorations picking vegetables, plants and other eco-friendly materials. 

long family style seating for outdoor wedding reception

organic and clean place setting wildflower style centerpiece organic and boho styled wedding table

fresh flower and fresh veggies as a centerpiece

Add A Little Spice To Your Wedding

From the Bride: The most important thing we realized was it's your guests who make the wedding. Even though there may be things that you wish you'd done better, (and it's hard to let go, because when you plan for many months, you want it to be perfect), nobody notices the little things that weren't quite right, so throw caution to the wind and just have a great time! 

Whatever happens, even if there's a storm outside, your guests want to be there and they love you and they will make the wedding amazing! The happiest thing was having so many different cultures together, Luca is Italian, I am half English, half Lebanese and we had aspects from each of our backgrounds in the wedding and having guests from all over the world, really added sugar and spice to the party!!

wedding initials cute little truck bed bar

fresh food for your reception

food stations for the wedding Antipasti food stations all named for famous Italian films famers market styled food stations wedding food stations

INspired by the Italian silver screen

Working in the film industry made them choose a few lovely additional elements that complimented rustic decor of the wedding venue: traditional Italian film names hanging on the antipasti stands, a self-choreographed first dance, personalized tambourines to dance away the night accompanied by unconventionally performed local folk music and a charming photo booth just to name a few. 

The ceremony and cocktail hour were redolent with mystic vibes and included a professional Lebanese singer performing traditional Lebanese nuptial sounds accompanied by darbouka and a touching “Gracias a la vida” song, Jumaan's gift to her beloved Luca.

golden hour wedding photos

cute formal wedding couple photos newlyweds photo session getting married in the Italian countryside

We absolutely adore the wedding video for this special day! View it below, filmed by 2 Become 1.


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