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Faith, Love, and Commitments, a beautiful wedding story

Becoming wedding photographers has not been an easy task. Are we good enough?  How do we market ourselves to the right audience to maintain our business?  What is on the To Do list today?  One day we made a decision to participate in a local bridal show to see how it would fair.  While at the show, many brides-to-be visited our booth and showed interest and it was a lot of fun networking with other vendors.  One beautiful young lady though, I will never forget.  She was with her mother and they simply fell in love with mlittlephotography.  I asked her name, she replied "Danielle, but they call me Dani."  She went on to tell me how she was marrying her sweetheart, Tommy Schuepp and how they knew each other when they were kids.  He had moved away, but their mothers remained connected and one day set them up.  She excitedly asked her mother what she thought about using us for her photography and how she just loved us and we were the ones.  Well, by this time I just knew we were about to get booked for a wedding and this whole bridal show thing may not be too bad.  I continued conversation with Dani and her mother, Diane.  They are true Christians, and their faith in God was obvious and apparent.  When they left I told myself they will call and book.
Though I was not aware and regardless of how much they loved our work, Danielle wasn't sure if the budget would allow for us to photograph her wedding.  Danielle said after she left our booth she prayed God would show her a way to have us as her wedding photographers.  I continued meeting a lot of great people and speaking to future brides that day, but none of them gave me the feeling Dani did about really being serious wanting us to photographer their wedding.
Later that day, the clouds rolled in and all I could pray for was the rain not to come.  Well, it poured!  And then it poured more but amidst all of the water and sound of rain hitting the canopy of our booth I heard a woman yelling.  I looked to see what the fuss was all about and it was Dani!  She was yelling at the top of her lungs and running towards our booth.  Soaking wet and tears in her eyes, she says, "I won."  "You guys are my wedding photographers!"  You see God answered her prayer that day and through her faith in him, she was the lucky winner of a wedding package we gave away, he provided her a way to have us as her wedding photographers just as he had provided her with the love of her life, Tommy!  God is AWESOME!
Their wedding was in Winter Park, FL at Leu Gardens and provided the perfect serene feeling for the two.  Her wonderful mother, Diane put everything together from the delicious food to the vintage garden theme.  Seeing her Dad give her away to Tommy, seeing her mother with tears in her eyes as she said "I DO", to being not only photographers at the wedding but guests also, (we even had our own place cards and seats at a table!) the commitment they vowed to each other that day was both emotional and touching to us.
Thank you Tommy and Dani for everything.  Thank you for reminding us Faith is most important in life.  Thank you both for reminding us how good it feels with the love of your life.  And we wish you both the absolute best in your commitment to each other!
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Tommy and Dani opted to see each other before the ceremony, this was a special time during their "first look"

Love, love, love the faces!  Both of them!

I think he was bargaining with God for cooler temperatures!  It was smoldering!

Though worn a little here, his shoes read, "Help Me"

Mom's emotion here says everything.

You may Kiss your Bride!

Awe.  Our very own place cards!  Love it!

Rock on Erica!

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