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An Elegant Destination Wedding in Croatia at Vila Dalmatia


Not only did this couple have a destination wedding in Croatia but it is also where their family is from! We can not imagine a more perfect or meaningful place for them to choose for their wedding. On top of that, they also planned most of their wedding on their own and have shared their advice for couples who are planning a destination wedding. Be sure to keep scrolling to see all the beautiful details (GOT was filmed at their venue!) and hear more from this couple.

Vlasta Weddings photographed this beautiful day in Croatia at Vila Dalmatia. You can see all the images in the full gallery.



Not only was our wedding a destination wedding, our families are also from Croatia. After planning for two years we finally got our dream wedding we had always dreamed of. 5 years ago just as new couple boyfriend and girlfriend we came to Split, Croatia and swam in front of Villa Dalmatia (our now wedding venue) and told each other we would get married here some day. Without knowing this was even possible we manifested it.

Aside from the beauty, the history behind it is simply so unique. The Villa is the former Yugoslavian presidents Villa his name was Tito and it is known to have had visitors at it such as Sofia Loren and Winston Churchill at it quite often. Also, game of thrones was also filmed here for one of their seasons!



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Advice for Planning a Destination Wedding

Our advice to couples looking to plan a destination wedding, don’t worry about everyone and what they say, your true friends will be there no matter what, do what your heart feels is right and what makes YOU enjoy your day most. Everything is possible if you just believe in it! Most of our wedding was planned without a planner and on our own, and it is totally doable no matter how impossible it seemed at times.

We had our homemade (full bottle) Croatian wine made by my in laws as our party favors and I can’t tell you how much our guests loved it.

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