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Elegant and Classic Pink Wedding In San Francisco

pink bridesmaids dresses

No matter how much we see it, we cannot get enough pink, especially the creamy dreamy soft pastel kind. It makes everything a little sweeter, and it always reminds us of love. So, sit back relax and take in Shawn and Chris's elegant and classic pink wedding. Which by the way is jammed packed with ideas.
So keep and eye out for all their darling inspiration like- their honey favors, an awesome cigar and whiskey bar, and one of our favorite, the oh so lovely arrow his and hers chair signs. Be sure to view the full gallery here, all captured magnificently by Adriana Klas Photography. You will not want to miss one thing!

elegant gold wedding invite

bridesmaid ideas

elegant bridal looks

thank you for being my bridesmaid

words from the vendor

From Adriana Klas Photography: As a wedding photographer it is always so much fun and such an honor to document a bride and grooms special day! You spend so much time with the couple that by the end of the night you truly develop such an amazing friendship. I loved getting to know Shawn and Chris and especially hear their stories of how they first met, or how he proposed... I love how they describe their first meeting. Hint, Hint. Scroll down a bit to read about how Shawn and Chris first meet.

soft natural bridal looks

yellow and pink wedding boquet

classic groomsmen looks

adriana klas photography

In the fall semester of 2006 at Dominican University of California at a social event, Chris spotted the cute education transfer from Santa Barbara in the white dress with red polka dots from across the room. Like in the movies, the room focused only on her and her smile. He (in his mind) turned on his confidence and charm and approached her. After a brief conversation they parted ways and Chris began asking about the cute girl at the party for the next six months. Their paths brought them together again in the early spring of 2007 and they have not been apart since.

Every detail that went into this wedding was so wonderful and well planned out by Gillian... I loved the honey jar favors that tied back into Shawn and Chris' first dance song "Tupelo Honey". It's those little details that mean so much!

walking down the aisle with her father

wedding ceremony floral piece

traditional religious wedding ceremony

wedding kiss

happily married

from the bride

My snippets of advice are plan the day you want and don't worry about the small stuff. As hard as it is to put the small details aside, focus on the big picture and everything will fall into place. And if it doesn't, it won't affect the overall day anyways. Our ceremony was very important to us, but for our reception we wanted a delicious dinner and a great dance party! We focused on hiring those vendors first and went from there with the rest of details.

For example, when I met our florist I brought a handful of pictures that I wanted our flowers to look like and gave our budget for the flowers. Although I value the impact of beautiful floral, I did not micromanage the particular arrangements or species of flowers. Putting aside the details of flowers gave me more time to focus on different parts of the wedding and I had a wonderful surprise on our day because the flowers were so beautiful.

escort cards hung on a gate

fork knife and spoon clothespins for escort cards

wedding drinks station

elegant wedding reception

paper cut table numbers

his and her arrow chair signs

signature cocktail sign

signature cocktail napkins

wooden cocktails sign

cigars and whiskey lounge

i'll be your shot of whiskey

Also, I loved my wedding dress. I had a great evening in my dress and wore it the entire ceremony and through the reception. However, if you are planning on going out after the reception with friends like we did, you can't go wrong by having a spare white cocktail dress ready to change into, like I did.

As a bride, take a deep breath and know if something "goes wrong" there is a simple solution. It it the fastest and magical night of your life so take multiple times throughout the evening to take a moment and admire the beautiful life you have created.

honey favors

love is sweet cookie bar

classic polka dot wedding cake

light the night with sparklers

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